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Florida Metalcore band strongly infused with a Christian ethic. Created as a high school act during 1998, the opening membership comprised founders singer Dallas Taylor and guitarist Luke Morton being joined by drummer Aaron Gillespie, bassist Octavio Fernandez andsecond guitarist Corey Steger.

The debut 1999 record 'Acts Of Depression', issued by Alabama based imprint Takehold Records, contains a secret hidden track, namely a narrative titled 'Spirit Of A Living God'. Luke Morton had exited by this point. Aaron Gillespie also quit.

UNDEROATH added keyboard player Christopher Dudley and bassist Matthew Clark for the 2000 James Paul Wisner produced album 'Cries Of The Past'. Yet more changes took place when Corey Steger took his leave.The following year Takehold Records was acquired by Seattle's Tooth & Nail label and UNDEROATH duly made the transition to this new business partner Solid State subsidiary. In January 2002 bassist Grant Brandell joined the fold. Once again working with producer James Paul Wisner, UNDEROATH crafted the album 'The Changing Of Times', released in February 2002 and backed by the single 'When The Sun Sleeps'.

Losing singer Dallas Taylor in 2003, the band persevered on the live front by drafting the MY SYNOPSIS and WINTER SOLSTICE credited Matt Tarpey as temporary frontman for live work. Taylor's exit had come under controversial circumstances following completion of the group's debut 'Vans Warped' tour. Tarpey fronted the band for August 2003 concerts flanking ATREYU. In October 2003, at the New York 'CMJ Fest' UNDEROATH heralded the arrival of their new singer, the THIS RUNS THROUGH credited Spencer Chamberlain.

UNDEROATH united with STRETCH ARMSTRONG and THE CHARIOT for US dates in September of 2004. With the 'They're Only Chasing Safety' album surpassing the 200,000 sales mark in August 2005 the band re-issued the set as a double disc with DVD, adding four previously unreleased tracks and over two hours of live and behind the scenes footage. Backed by a promotional video for the track 'It's A Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door', directed by Josh Graham, the band also announced a September Canadian tour allied with THE USED and an October and November US trek with THRICE.

Re-entering the studio, UNDEROATH then crafted a new album with Matt Goldman and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz acting as producers. In mid December the band squeezed in a brief burst of gigs in union with MEWITHOUTYOU, THE CHARIOT and AS CITIES BURN.

With little respite, in May 2006 the band backed up POISON THE WELL and AS CITIES BURN for US dates. New album 'Define The Great Line' spectacularly entered the national US album charts at number 2. The band joined the gargantuan 2006 'Warped' festival tour that summer, this trek lasting through June 16th in Columbia, Maryland, winding its way through the USA and Canada and concluding on August 14th in Montreal.

The band joined the ranks of the roving 'Vans Warped' US touring festival throughout July and August 2007.

UNDEROATH hit the US touring circuit again kicking off on 9th July 2008 at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington as part of the 'Rockstar Energy Mayhem' tour billed alongside DISTURBED, SLIPKNOT, DRAGONFORCE, WALLS OF JERICHO, MACHINE HEAD, SUICIDE SILENCE, THE RED CHORD, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, 36 CRAZYFISTS, AIRBOURNE, BLACK TIDE and MASTODON through into late August.

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