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UNITED STATES, Florida, Sanford

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Death Metal


Florida Death Metal band CAPHARNAUM comprised vocalist / guitarist Jason Suecof and drummer Jordan Suecof both of MONSTROSITY repute. The group, originally based in Connecticut, dates back to 1993 and a formative line-up of then 13 year old Jason Suecof, singer Frank Vega, bass player Andy Dickens and 9 year old drummer Jordan Suecof. The membership would be fluid until settling upon a roster of Suecof, vocalist Tony Espinoza, guitarist Kevin Schremmer and bass player Shawn Greenlaw. Demos included the 1997 session 'Reality Only Fantasized', issued on album by Pathos Productions, and follow up 'Plague Of Spirits'. Erstwhile CAPHARNAUM members vocalist Tony Espinoza and guitarists Kevin Schremmer and Ryan Adams, in union with Adam Schmidt on bass and drummer Steve LaMonica, subsequently forge CATALYST.

CAPHARNAUM, now featuring the Suecof siblings alongside MARTYR, QUO VADIS and GORGUTS guitarist Daniel Mongrain, vocalist Matt Heafy from TRIVIUM and bassist Mike Poggione, signed to the Willowtip label in November 2003 for a debut album 'Fractured', recorded at Jason Suecof's own AudioHammer Studios.

CAPHARNAUM personnel are also behind the tongue in cheek Black Metal act GARGAMEL. Jason Suecof, under his alter ego of Fornicus "Fuckmouth" McFlappy, also operates the sataristic extreme Metal act CROTCHDUSTER. Quite surreally, although this band utilises a drum machine, percussion credit is given to a non human member - Cain the dog. Cain actually features on the recordings in the form of panting. CROTCHDUSTER issued the 'Big Fat Box Of Shit' album in 2004.

In October of 2004 Dan Mongrain acted as stand in guitarist for CRYPTOPSY. CAPHARNAUM issued the 'Fractured' album through Earache Records in February 2005. On the production front, Jason Suecof scored credits on CANNAE's 'Gold Becomes Sacrifice' album. Guitarist Alex Vieira also operates with Metalcore band 5 BILLION DEAD. Vieira would second himself out to CANNAE for US touring in mid 2005.

In early 2006 bassist Mike Poggione joined LECHEROUS NOCTURNE.

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