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Georgia Black Metal act DEMONCY, previously titled DARKENED SKIES, has for many years been a one man project of Ixithra-Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows (a.k.a. Robert Crusen). DEMONCY first surfaced in 1991 with the single track demo tape 'Impure Blessings (Dark Angel Of The Four Wings)'. A second session 'Joined In Darkness' followed in 1992. The same year Uxithra joined PROFANATICA for one gig (billing himself 'Wicked Warlock Of Demonic Blasphemy') but returned to action with DEMONCY and a third demo effort in 1993 'Faustian Dawn'.

DEMONCY kept demoing with 1994's 'Hypocrisy Of The Accursed Heavens' and 1995's 'Ascension Of A Star Long Since Fallen'. The 1995 Damnation Records album comprises the 1991 and 1994 demo recordings. DEMONCY were still demoing in 1996 issuing the 'Commencement Of The Dark Crusades' tape. That same year the band recorded 'Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost', however, these tapes were not released immediately.

Ixithra lent his deft keyboard touches to the debut 1996 BLACK FUNERAL album. The industrious Ixithra also boasted involvement with such diverse projects as RAVEN'S BANE, MYSTERIAN, PROFANE GRACE and SUBKLINIK. So It Is Done Records finally issued the album 'Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost', adding extra material from the demos 'Hypocrisy Of The Accursed Heavens' and 'Ascension Of A Star Long Since Fallen', in 1999. That November Hammerheart Records also put out 'Joined In Darkness', combining tracks from the 'Joined In Darkness' demo and the single 'The Dawn Of Eternal Damnation'.

In 2001 Ixithra manifested the album 'A Rose For The Dying' credited as MYSTERIAN.

The French Spikekult label would re-issue the DEMONCY 'Joined In Darkness' album in limited edition vinyl format during 2002. Also arriving, through Sombre Records, was a limited edition of 350 vinyl pieces re-issue of 'Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost'. Another release, on Baphomet Records, was a compilation collection 'Faustian Dawn / Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost'.

The band undertook a batch of US dates in November 2003, allied with HELL BORN and FOREST OF IMPALED. The group then united with KRIEG and ABAZAGORATH for the 'USBM Attack 2004' European tour commencing at London's Verve club on 1st April. For these shows the band employed session live guitarist Eyal Levi, later of DAATH and ARSIS.

A 7" single, 'The Ode To Eternal Darkness', was shared with DARK OPUS. The DEMONCY credited VJS joined KULT OV AZAZEL in January 2005.

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