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UNITED STATES, Illinois, Chicago

Categories: Death Metal, Thrash Metal



Punk influenced Death / Thrash outfit. Chicago's IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER would be one of the very first signings to the Nuclear Blast label, debuting in 1986 with the the yellow vinyl 7" single 'Burn One Naked And Nuke It'. The band's original formation saw Chris Hanley on bass guitar before he adopted the lead guitarist role. The album 'He Who Laughs Last...Laughs Alone' followed in 1987. Bassist Nick Stevens would depart in late 1987 and Chris Hanley duly switched from guitar to bass again to cover whilst Mike Schaffer was drafted as guitarist. With Schaffer opting out in early 1988 to join ABOMINATION Hanley moved back to the guitar role and Vince Vogel of SCREECHING WEAZEL came onboard in the bass role.

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER's 1988 album 'Logical End' included cover versions of MOTȪRHEAD's 'Stone Deaf Forever' and the ROLLING STONES 'Gimme Shelter'.

John Tolczyk was added on second guitar in 1989. Further tribulation came in 1990 when longstanding drummer Glen Herman quit, being replaced by Dan Duchaine. The following year Chris Hanley left the band for a solo project entitled NO CLASS and was duly superseded by Rob Lanam. John Tolczyk was kicked out at the end of 1991, the ex-member going on to found EYEGOUGER. He would eventually be replaced by Rick McKelvy in late 1992.

In 1993 the band shared a split 7" EP with PROVOCATION but folded that same year. Duchaine would later feature in FECK.

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