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Technical Death / Grindcore band DISKREET was formed in Topeka, Kansas during 1999 by drummer Andy Taylor. Bass was handled by Victor Polanco between 2000 and 2004. DISKREET enrolled guitarists Scott McPherson and Gerren Andres in 2003. The band inducted bassist Steve Holder and guitarist Scott McPherson, although soon after Holder left and Polanco rejoined.

Singer James Copeland, who had superseded original frontman Ryan Cox, opted out in 2006, being replaced in January 2007 by Stephen Babcock. DISKREET signed with UK label Siege Of Amida Records for the Chris Hess produced 'Infernal Rise' album issued that February. These sessions had not come easy as the first recordings had been reportedly stolen from the studio, forcing the group to entirely re-record the album. Polanco exited upon completion of these tracks.

In March 2007 DISKREET was to act as opening band on the European tour by MISERY INDEX, NECROPHAGIST and ORIGIN. For these concerts the group utilised the temporary serrvice of UNMERCIFUL bassist Derek Engemann.A permanent bassist was located in EYES OF THE BETRAYER man Dustin Albright.

Following a US burst of dates that December, aligned with BRAIN DRILL, BURNING THE MASSES and A BREATH BEFORE SURFACING, guitarist Chris Morales exited. INFERI guitarist Malcolm Pugh was then enrolled.

DISKREET worked with producer Michael Keene on album tracks in September 2008.

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