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Innovative Kenner, Louisiana based extreme Metal band ACID BATH, comprising lead vocalist David 'Dax' Riggs, bassist Audie Pitre, guitar player Sammy Duet, second guitarist Mike Sanchez and drummer Jimmy Kyle, debuted with a live 1992 demo, entitled 'Screams Of The Butterfly'. Antecedent to this, Riggs, Sanchez and Kyle had operated with the 1991 founded GOLGOTHA alongside guitarist Jerry "Boon" Businelli and bassist Chad Pierce, having issued the demo 'Wet Dreams Of The Insane'.

The 'Screams Of The Butterfly' set included cover renditions of BLACK SABBATH's 'Lord of This World' and IRON BUTTERFLY's 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. Two studio demos followed during 1993, 'Hymns Of The Needle Freaks', produced by manager Keith Falgout, and a self-titled effort.

ACID BATH's debut album, August 1994's 'When The Kite String Pops' recorded at Side One Studios in Metairie and released by Rotten Records, graced with sleeve artwork entitled 'Pogo the Clown #15' from infamous mass murderer John Wayne Gacy, was produced by D.R.I. guitarist Spike Cassidy. Touring North America to promote the album, ACID BATH guested for CANNIBAL CORPSE and Swedes ENTOMBED.

The 'Edits' mini-album is a collection of songs from the second album re-mixed by Cassidy. 'Paegan Terrorism Tactics', produced by Keith Falgout at Festival Recording Studios in Kenner and released in November 1996, once more featured controversial artwork with the painting 'For He Is Raised' executed by the renowned "Suicide assistance" Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

The band suffered a devastating blow on 23rd January 1997 when bassist Audrie Pitrie, together with his parents, were killed by a drunk driver. ACID BATH soldiered on, even performing a further clutch of gigs but collapsed due to what was later admitted as rampant drug abuse.

Vocalist Dax Riggs and guitarist Mike Sanchez founded AGENTS OF OBLIVION for a 2000 Sludge orientated album. Guitarist Sammy Duet, also a member of heavyweights CROWBAR, forged the 'Black Sludge' outfit GOATWHORE in alliance with SOILENT GREEN members Ben Falgoust II and Ben Stout. By 2001 Riggs was fronting Psych Rockers DEADBOY AND THE ELEPHANTMEN.

In 2004 ACID BATH's seminal 'When The Kite String Pops' was re-mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Studios in Los Angeles for a tenth anniversary re-issue. Limited edition vinyl variants would also surface through Rotten Records. The same label collected together demos and alternate versions of archive tracks for the 'Hymns Of The Needle Freak' release.

Sammy Duet was back on the scene in early 2005 touting a brand new project billed as RITUAL KILLER in collaboration with ex-CANCER PATIENT vocalist Jordan Barlow and former GOATWHORE drummer Zak Nolan. This combo issued the 'Upon The Threshold Of Hell' album in June through Bloated Goat Records.

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