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Metaire, Louisiana's Christian Death Metal band OPPROBRIUM started life billed as INCUBUS. Having previously issued two albums under their former title, 'Serpent Temptation' in 1988 with bassist Scot Latour and ' Beyond The Unknown' in 1990 with Mark Levenia of ABHORRENT EXISTENCE and EQUINOX on bass, the Brazilian Howard siblings, vocalist / guitarist Francis and drummer Moyses, opted to record a third album. However, the INCUBUS title legally rested with another act, the successful Rap-Rock act on major label Sony, and so the project, following a brief period billed INCUBUS RAGE, was re-branded OPPROBRIUM.

The album 'Discerning Forces', issued by German label Nuclear Blast in 2000, was recorded in Rio de Janeiro with producer Harris Johns. Newly installed on bass would be André Luiz of DEMONOLATRY and IMMUNO AFFINITY repute.

The act completed tracks for a new album, 'Mandatory Evac', in 2008. In January 2009 Metal Mind Productions of Poland re-issued the earlier INCUBUS albums under new OPPROBRIUM branding.

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