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Baltimore's DYING FETUS, originally titled for maximum shock value DEAD FETUS, was forged in 1991. The 1993 demo 'Bathe In Entrails' witnessed a membership comprising vocalist / bassist Jason Netherton, vocalist / drummer John Gallagher and guitarist Nick Spelelos. The band drafted guitarist Brian Latta in 1994 and drummer Rob Belton to issue demos commercially as the 'Infatuation With Malevolence', using this same title for a compilation of demos the following year. This self financed release led in turn to a deal with Pulverizer Records for the 1996 follow up 'Purification Through Violence'. Promoting this outing DYING FETUS toured North America on a package bill with MONSTROSITY and Canadians KATAKLYSM.

The group, having enlisted former DEITY drummer Kevin Talley, signed to German label Morbid Records for 1998's 'Killing On Adrenaline', with the album being released on their own label, Blunt Force, in the USA. The record betrayed some of DYING FETUS's Hardcore leanings as the band included an INTEGRITY cover song. A subsequent nine week touring spree included a headline performance at the 'Morbid Metalfest' in Germany. However, Latta would leave in December 1998 as DYING FETUS promoted one of their road crew Sparky Voyles, also an erstwhile guitarist with the infamous M.O.D., to plug the gap.

The group re-issued the 'Infatuation With Malevolence' debut through Blunt Force in 1999 complete with extra live tracks recorded in Germany. 2000 bowed in with the six track mini-album 'Grotesque Impalement' and a showing at another German festival, this time headlining the 'Fuck The Commerce III' festival. Before the year was out DYING FETUS had released the full length 'Destroy The Opposition' album through Death Metal specialists Relapse.

Netherton, Voyles and Talley departed in January 2001 to found MISERY INDEX. Netherton's initial replacement being DEPRECATED bass player Derek Boyer, before he was superseded by Sean Beasley from GARDEN OF SHADOWS. DYING FETUS toured America as part of the 'Death Across America' tour billed alongside Poland's VADER and CEPHALIC CARNAGE and DEEDS OF FLESH. The band drafted vocalist Vince Matthews, a veteran of SADISTIC TORMENT, MUCOUS MEMBRANE and AUTUMN DAWN, guitarist Bruce Grieg and Erik Sayenga on drums.

DYING FETUS set out on a headline club tour of America in August 2001 with running mates PAINMASK, MASTODON and THE HOODS. Meantime, Gallagher, Voyles and Talley would also be operational with a Hardcore side outfit named KNUCKLE DEEP.

By September Netherton's MISERY INDEX band, issuing the 'Overthrow' EP, was to boast further ex-DYING FETUS personnel in guitarist Sparky Voyles and drummer Kevin Talley. The interplay between the two bands was highlighted in December when Voyles and Matthews united to found the Grindcore project CRIMINAL ELEMENT.

Guitarist Bruce Grieg left DYING FETUS in March 2002. The band continued to play as a four-piece and joined forces with MONSTROSITY and HOUWITZER for the 'Intervalle Bizarre' European tour during September and October. Adding Mike Kimball to fill the second guitar position the band would form up part of an impressive cast for European 'Xmas Festivals' in December in alliance with SIX FEET UNDER, IMMOLATION, KATAKLYSM, MARDUK and HATE. However, DYING FETUS would pull out of the shows in October blaming a conflict of schedules for recording of a new studio album. The band united with HATE ETERNAL, KATAKLYSM, and INTO ETERNITY for North American dates in February and March 2003. They would act as headliners for a further package tour that May, coinciding with the release of the 'Stop At Nothing' album, topping a bill of SKINLESS, DIVINE EMPIRE and MISERY INDEX. Taking the band into 2004 would be January European dates, the band packaged alongside HATE ETERNAL, DEEDS OF FLESH and PREJUDICE. US shows in May had MALAMOR as support for a first leg prior to hooking up with road partners SUFFOCATION. Scandinavian shows in June saw the band partnering with MALEVOLENT CREATION upfront of planned further European gigs. However, these shows would be cancelled within days of the start date, the band blaming disorganisation by the promoter. Following September gigs in Mexico a further national US tour, dubbed 'Mock The Vote' commencing on 26th October in Norfolk, Virginia, would be as support to GWAR. However, just beforehand DYING FETUS parted ways with vocalist Vince Matthews, stating "This action was taken due to a number of musical, professional, and personal reasons that we feel do not need elaboration at this time." Yet more changes for these gigs saw the addition of session drummer John Longstreth, of ORIGIN, SKINLESS, THE RED CHORD and EXHUMED, in replacement for a temporarily unavailable Erik Sayenga. Meantime, Sayenga fired up side project WARTHRONE, a union with ex-WITCH-HUNT, NECROPSY and SANGUINARY singer Richard Johnson and ex-WITCH-HUNT, WARFAIR and DARK PURITY keyboard player / bassist Kristel.

In February of 2005 former DYING FETUS members Vince Matthews and Bruce Greig allied with the MISERY INDEX credited drummer Matt Byers to forge a new project billed as COVENANCE. Meantime, DYING FETUS forged a road alliance with SIX FEET UNDER, DARK FUNERAL, DISBELIEF, NILE, WYKKED WYTCH and CATARACT for the 'No Mercy Festivals 2005' European tour beginning in early March. Drummer Erik Sayenga left DYING FETUS "due to circumstances beyond his control" in early May. Sayenga was replaced by Duane Timlin.

Ex-drummer Kevin Talley acted as fill in for THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER in February 2006 and joined the ranks of HATE ETERNAL in March. Another DYING FETUS credited sticksman, Erik Sayenga, recorded for Swedish band MORDICHRIST's debut album.

The band entered Hit & Run Studios in Rockville, Maryland during late September to cut fresh album tracks. November saw US dates for DYING FETUS backing CANNIBAL CORPSE, UNMERCIFUL and Germany's NECROPHAGIST.

DYING FETUS set 'War Of Attrition' as the title of their March 2007 album, recorded at Hit & Run Studios in Rockville, Maryland, issued through Relapse Records. Meantime, Night of the Vinyl Dead announced the vinyl release of 'Killing On Adrenaline', limited to 500 hand numbered copies and pressed in splatter vinyl with color insert. Frankie Nasso acted as director for a promotional video of the track 'Homicidal Retribution'.

European concerts, along with CATTLE DECAPITATION, SKINLESS and WAR FROM A HARLOT'S MOUTH, witnessed shows across Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark Ireland and the UK in May.

DYING FETUS,NECROPHAGIST, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, INTO ETERNITY, NEURAXIS, WHITECHAPEL, VEIL OF MAYA, DIVINITY and COMMON GRAVE will teamed up for the 'Summer Slaughter Canada' tour, commencing August 14th 2008 in Quebec's Imperial.

The 'Summer Slaughter' US festival tour commencing in June 2009 witnessed a package comprising co-headliners NECROPHAGIST and SUFFOCATION backed by ENSIFERUM, DARKEST HOUR, WINDS OF PLAGUE, DYING FETUS, BORN OF OSIRIS, ORIGIN, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, AFTER THE BURIAL, DECREPIT BIRTH and BLACKGUARD.

CANNIBAL CORPSE embarked on the 'European Plague' tour in the autumn with direct support coming from DYING FETUS. The band released its seventh album, the Steve Wright produced 'Descend Into Depravity', on 15th September via Relapse Records.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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