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KAYO DOT comprise erstwhile members of the highly rated Boston act MAUDLIN OF THE WELL, this experimental Metal outfit disbanding during 2003. Guitarist Alex Nagle has affiliations with Washington D.C. experimental Metal band THOUGHTSPHERE. Tzadik Records debuted the band with the album set 'Choirs Of The Eye' in October 2003. Guest musicians included Adam Scott on trumpet, Benjie Messer on trombone, Sam Minnich on French horn plus Sky Cooper on guitar.

The band wrapped recording of the an album, 'Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue', in September 2005 for Robotic Empire prior to embarking on a seven week US tour schedule. The album emerged in January 2006.

In July 2006 Holy Roar Records included the song 'Don't Touch Dead Animals' on a split release, manufactured as a 12" marbled vinyl disc in a gatefold sleeve, shared with BLOODY PANDA.

KAYO DOT contracted with Hydra Head Records in December 2006. That same month KAYO DOT's Toby Driver and violinist Mia Matsumiya's side act TARTAR LAMB, a union with Tim and Andrew from FRIENDLY BEARS, put in live work to close the year.

Hydra Head Records issued the album 'Blue Lambency Downward' in March 2008. Complenting musicians for this set would include Charlie Zeleny, from BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS, on drums, Skerik, on tenor, baritone sax and vibraphone, Hans Teuber, with soprano and bass clarinets plus alto sax, Dave Abramson, from DIMINISHED MEN, on additional percussion, B.R.A.D., from ASVA, THE ACCUSED, BURNING WITCH and MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE, on vocals, plus Randall Dunn from MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE, on sound effects.

Former members bassist Ryan McGuire, guitarists D.J. Murray, Greg Massi and John Carchia, trumpet player Forbes Graham plus drummer Tom Malone forged EHNAHRE.

Following US tour work as guests to Trey Spruance's SECRET CHIEFS 3, KAYO DOT arrived in Seattle to begin recording its second full-length release for Hydra Head Industries in early July 2009. 

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