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MAUDLIN OF THE WELL, initiated during 1996, is a Boston, Massachusetts "Astral Metal" outfit mentored by Toby Driver employing a varied arsenal of instrumentation such as viola, cello, upright bass, baritone saxophone, alto sax, flute, clarinet, jingle bells, tambourine and a piano. Stylistically the project traverses Doom Metal, avant-garde, Progressive and Death Metal. Although MAUDLIN OF THE WELL is a full band project, including cornerstone members Jason Byron and Greg Massi, Driver handles not only clean vocals but studio guitar, bass, cello and keyboards. An opening demo, 'Through Languid Veins', saw distribution in 1996. The following year two demos surfaced, 'Begat of the Haunted Oak: An Acorn' and 'Odes To Darksome Spring'. Fourth demo 'For My Wife' was delivered in 1998.

Dark Symphonies Records put out the first commercial album 'My Fruit Psychobells...A Seed Combustible' in 1999. Clocking in at over 70 minutes of music, this set was crafted by Toby Driver, vocalists Maria-Stella Fountoulakis and Jason Byron, guitarist Greg Massi, trumpet player Jason Bitner and drummer Andrew Dickson. A guitar solo on 'Undine And Underwater Flowers' was contributed by Sky Cooper.

During October of 2001 MAUDLIN OF THE WELL took the highly unusual step of issuing two companion albums, 'Bath' and 'Leaving Your Body Map', simultaneously. Additional musicians included guitarist Josh-Siepp Williams, Anna Wetherby on viola, drummer Sam Gutterman and Terran Olson with vocals, clarinet and flute. Vocalist Maria-Stella Fountoulakis and drummer Sam Gutterman left the fold in April of 2002.

Ex-MAUDLIN OF THE WELL members, including Toby Driver, founded KAYO DOT for the album 'Choirs Of The Eye' for October 2003 release through Tzadik Records.

Dark Symphonies Records re-issued 'Bath' and 'Leaving Your Body Map' in 2006 and 'My Fruit PsychoBells...A Seed Combustible' in 2008. All these re-releases hosted bonus tracks consisting of early demos.

MAUDLIN OF THE WELL's May 2009 album, 'Part The Second', was notably part funded by upfront fan donations and then released as a free online product. Musicians comprised Toby Driver, Greg Massi, Josh-Siepp Williams, Terran Olson and Sam Gutterman with studio guests Jim Fogarty on Hammond elbow, Madelaine Craw on cello, David Bodie with percussion and Mia Matsumiya on violin. Fans that contributed financially to the endeavour were credited as executive producers.

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