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Initially a solo Black Thrash act, Boston's TOXIC HOLOCAUST date to 1999, then functioning as a full band unit and debuting with the 'Radiation Sickness' demo. The group folded in 2001 but would be resurrected by Joel Grind. Utilising a drum machine Grind cut tracks for a split 7" single, limited to 1000 copies, shared with OPRICHNIKI. In 2002 progress was highlighted by distribution of the 'Critical Mass' demo. Signing to the German Witches Brew label TOXIC HOLOCAUST issued the 'Evil Never Dies' album in 2003. A four way EP in union with NOCTURNAL, BESTIAL MOCKERY and VOMITOR was also plotted.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST toured Canada with Toronto's RAMMER in October 2006. The band united with New Zealand's DIOCLETIAN and Japan's ABIGAIL in March 2007 for Australian dates.

The band, featuring a trio of Grind, bassist "Philthy Gnaast" (a.k.a. Phil Zeller), from KINGDOM OF SORROW and RAMMER, and drummer "Al Positions" (Al Chambers), of GOAT HORN, CAULDRON and RAMMER, toured North America in July 2008 with the reformed AT THE GATES alongside DARKEST HOUR and MUNICIPAL WASTE. Joel Grind then supported GWAR in November. July 2009 dates were conducted as guests of HATEBREED.

SATYRICON, BLEEDING THROUGH, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and CHTHONIC teamed up for a North American tour commencing 25th September at Baltimore, Maryland's Sonar venue.

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