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Leading Detroit Metalcore act THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER take their title after the murder of actress Elizabeth Short, known by many as 'The Black Dahlia'. On January 15th, 1947, her body, severed in two at the waist, was discovered in a vacant lot of the 3800 block of South Norton Avenue in the Leimert Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The brutality of the crime, and speculation regarding rumours of henna in her hair, the initials 'BD' carved into her body, grass reportedly forced into her vagina and post-death sodomy served to make the murder one of the most infamous unsolved cases.

The group, founded in 2000, issued the 2001 demo 'What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse'. At this stage the band involved singer Trevor Strnad, guitarists Brian Eschbach and Jon Deering, bassist Sean Gauvreau and drummer Cory Grady. However, for the band's debut live performance Mike Schepman stood in on bass.

An EP, 'A Cold Blooded Epitaph', followed. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, SOILENT GREEN and LICKGOLDENSKY united for a Summer package tour of the USA commencing 30th July in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However, the band was forced to pull out of the tour due to "personal reasons", later revealed to be the sudden exit of bassist David Lock. Following these shows the band, with SET ABLAZE's Joe Boccuto installed on bass, allied with HATE ETERNAL, EVERGREY and headliners ARCH ENEMY for a short but intensive run of US 'Anthems Of Rebellion' dates in August. Temporarily filling in as lead vocalist would be Anthony Ezzi of New Jersey's ARSON.

By October both Trevor Strnad and David Lock had rejoined the band. Touring throughout March 2004 was to see the band hooked up with ENTOMBED but the Swedes subsequently cancelled. Nevertheless, they did strike up a touring union with label mates AS I LAY DYING alongside EVERY TIME I DIE and SCARLET for shows commencing later that same month. However, drummer Cory Grady was ousted in June "due to personal and professional conflicts", being succeeded by Zach Gibson of Death metallers GUTROT and MUTILIATED. Grady subsequently joined PREMONITIONS OF WAR.

Renewed touring in mid Summer had the band hooked up with CANNIBAL CORPSE and SEVERED SAVIOR, preceding a run of headliners backed by CATTLE DECAPITATION and GOATWHORE. To close out the year, the band would be announced as one of the main attractions at the annual 'X-Mass Fest' 2004 roving European festival dates in alliance with NAPALM DEATH, MARDUK, VADER, FINNTROLL and BELPHEGOR. The band then scheduled US tour dates for April and May of 2005 in alliance with NILE, Poles BEHEMOTH and headliners KING DIAMOND. Going into September, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER headed up shows backed by BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, and INTO THE MOAT.

Drummer Zach Gibson took his leave in late October in somewhat acrimonious circumstances, departing in order to rejoin his former act GUTROT with a stinging verbal attack on his ex-band mates. As it was revealed that bassist David Lock had also taken his leave the band fired back a retort claiming "Both are gone cause they couldn't actually play our material". A run of November Canadian dates, set to be backed by THE END and A LIFE ONCE LOST, was duly cancelled. Dates in Korea and Japan would see the installation of fresh rhythm section TODAY I WAIT bassist Bart Williams and the internationally renowned figure of Tony Laureano, of DIMMU BORGIR, NILE, INSIDIOUS DISEASE and ANGEL CORPSE repute, on drums.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER teamed up with Belgian Hardcore act LIAR for a European tour during January and February 2006. However, new drummer Pierre Langlois was denied entry to the USA from his native Canada, forcing the band to miss gigs in Minneapolis and Chicago. In the interim, former CHIMAIRA skinsman Kevin Talley stepped in. The band's relentless live campaigning continued unabated into 2006 as they forged a road union in North America throughout March with THROWDOWN, THE AGONY SCENE and THE RED CHORD.

With the installation of a brand new rhythm section, bassist Bart Williams from TODAY I WAIT and drummer Pierre Langois of Canadian bands FROZEN SHADOWS and TENEBRAE, the group subsequently engaged in a gigantic roving festival billing with the 'Sounds Of The Underground' tour throughout the summer, commencing in Cleveland, Ohio on July 8th, partnered with IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GWAR, TERROR, AS I LAY DYING, BEHEMOTH, THE CHARIOT and THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD. The group hit the US touring circuit again in September forming up a strong billing alongside HATEBREED, EXODUS, NAPALM DEATH, DESPISED ICON and FIRST BLOOD.

The group enrolled Shannon Lucas, previously of ALL THAT REMAINS, as new drummer in March 2007.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, SOILENT GREEN and MISERY INDEX teamed up for a North American tour in December 2008 commencing on the 1st at the Picador venue in Iowa City.

Released in May 2009, the DVD 'Majesty' sold 2,900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at no. 2 on the Top Music Videos chart.

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