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Grand Rapids Christian Metalcore band STILL REMAINS, created during 2002, features frontman T.J. Miller, guitarist Jordan Whelan and keyboard player Zach Roth, all previously members of SHADES OF AMBER, and the UNITION credited Evan Willey on bass. Drummer A.J. Barrette was enlisted to record the 2004, self-financed debut 'If Love Was Born To Die', this local release selling over 5,000 copies. The band's Michigan following soon caught the attention of labels and Roadrunner duly signed the band up for the Garth Richardson produced 'Of Love And Lunacy'.

An exhaustive road schedule followed. European dates in May 2005 had the band in alliance with TRIVIUM and 3 INCHES OF BLOOD traversing Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Holland, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. A return to the USA saw no let up in road work, firstly with July gigs in partnership with HASTE THE DAY, then a further run in union with STRETCH ARMSTRONG and KANE HODDER. In September STILL REMAINS engaged in headline touring across the USA packaged with AIDEN, UNDERMINDED and CURL UP AND DIE prior to suporting NORMA JEAN in October. British concerts in January 2006 had the group teamed up with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS and AIDEN. The band's relentless live campaigning continued unabated in the USA as they forged a road union throughout February with THROWDOWN, THE RED CHORD and A DOZEN FURIES.

The band announced their 2006 season of live campaigning with US dates in February bolstered by THROWDOWN, THE RED CHORD and A DOZEN FURIES before gigs in March sharing stages AGNOSTIC FRONT, SHADOWS FALL, and BYZANTINE before hooking up with DEMIRICOUS, NODES OF RANVIER and IF HOPE DIES for a further extensive North American trek beginning in late March. The group recorded an exclusive cover version of NINE INCH NAILS' 'Head Like A Hole' for inclusion on UK magazine 'Kerrang!'s 25th anniversary issue cover mount CD, 'High Voltage', issued in May.

In May the band returned to the UK to undertake their first series of headlining dates, support coming from SINAI BEACH and DEMIRICOUS. STILL REMAINS announced touring plans for the summer of 2006, kicking of the 'Sthress' tour in July alongside POISON THE WELL, IT DIES TODAY, HIMSA, DARKEST HOUR, BURY YOUR DEAD, SUFFOCATION, THROWDOWN and headliners SHADOWS FALL. Later that month the group announced the departure of keyboardist Zach Roth.

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