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Date Formed 2002
Date Disbanded 2008

Categories: Deathcore, Metalcore



Upstate New York Metalcore act THE RED DEATH, created during 2002 and titled after Edgar Allan Poe's infamous short story 'The Masque of The Red Death', debuted with a three track 2003 demo recorded by a founding quartet of ex-ANOTHER DAY FORGOTTEN musicians singer Paul Hamblin, guitarist Josh Williammee, and drummer Jeff Osborne together with guitarist Brian Van Gelder and bassist Karl Janovec.

The line-up evolved to include drummer Graham Mitchell and lead vocalist Paul Hamblin. A membership shuffle saw the departure of Van Gelder, being replaced by WARBLADE's Nate Golia to cut a second four song demo.

A six-song EP, 'Aftertaste Of The Emaciated', released through Crooked Halo Records, provided the spur for live work. A fluid bass position would be settled with the acquisition of ex-SHADOWS AND THE SILENCE member Dominic Mastronunzio as THE RED DEATH put in three weeks on the road with RESISTANCE then another three week trek with BLOODJINN.

Signing to Metal Blade in 2004 the band utilised Indie Audio in Syracuse and producer Jason "Jocko" Randall to craft a further four new tracks to make up their first full-length album 'External Frames Of Reference'. Prior to recording the band substituted Golia with Aaron Conti from IF HOPE DIES.

Road work in the USA during March and April 2005 witnessed a package billing with ARSIS and ACCURSED DAWN. THE RED DEATH then partnered with CREMATORIUM, THE ESOTERIC and VEHEMENCE before hooking up with UNDYING and SINCE THE FLOOD for more touring in June 2005. More road work saw the band united with SINCE THE FLOOD, CANNAE, THE BANNER and EMBRACE TODAY for dates throughout July and August.

As 2006 opened bassist Dominic Mastronunzio exited, the group drawing in Jack Portwood of HIGHLAND DRIVE as replacement. However, just afterward THE RED DEATH revealed they had been dropped by Metal Blade offering "artistic differences" as the reason. In November the band, having inducted new bassist Jordan Rathbun, signed to the newly established UK imprint Siege Of Amida Records. The album 'Godmakers' arrived in 2008.

Resolving to disband in 2008, THE RED DEATH's final show was on Halloween night at The Little Pickle in Bath, New York. Paul Hamblin busied himself with Punk project WOLFPISS, which also included Graham Mitchell and Josh Williammee. Mitchell forged TOURNIQUETS and also joined C02 and Ithaca's THE BEARS.

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