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SKINLESS issued the 'Swollen Heaps' promotional tape upfront of their debut album 'Progression Towards Evil'. The band, centred upon guitarist Noah Carpenter, has been wrought by ongoing line up fluctuations since its inception in 1992. Bob Beaulac of SYMPTOM HATE and DISCIPLES OF BERKOWITZ was added on drums in early 1997 and Joe Keyser in November of the same year. SKINLESS would support MORTICIAN on an American tour following release of the 'Progression Towards Evil' debut.

In 2001 SKINLESS issied a split 7" single on the Cudgel label in collusion with MALEDICTIVE PIGS. Bob Beaulac bade his farewell during October 2001. He was swiftly replaced by erstwhile MORTICIAN and DEHUMANISED man George Torres. However, by September of the following year Torres was out of the picture, with Bob Beaulac temping for tour dates as openers to SIX FEET UNDER. ORIGIN's John Longstreth, also known as an erstwhile member of ANGEL CORPSE, was the man taking command of the drum stool in January of 2003.

The band allied themselves with THE CROWN and MONOLITH for the 'Crowning Europe In Terror' tour in March and April of 2003. SKINLESS would act as co-headliners for a North American package tour in May of 2003, completing a bill of MISERY INDEX, DIVINE EMPIRE and DYING FETUS. Giving themselves little respite the band then united with THE HAUNTED and SHAI HULUD for North American touring throughout May and June.

Drummer John Longstreth was to exit in early 2004 to join EXHUMED, being replaced by the man he originally superseded, Bob Beaulac. However, by that May Longstreth was ensconced in Metalcore outfit THE RED CHORD then temporarily joined the ranks of DYING FETUS in October for US touring. The following month vocalist Sherwood Webber left the SKINLESS ranks, replaced in January of 2005 by the DETRIMENT credited Jason Keyser. The band collaborated with IMMOLATION, WITH PASSION, MISERY INDEX and DEICIDE for US dates in May 2005.

Two SKINLESS veterans would act as stand ins for MUCOPUS for live work. Singer Jason Keyser handled the vocal duties for MUCOPUS' appearance at the 'Tokyo Deathfest' in Japan, whilst former SKINLESS vocalist Sherwood Webber would join MUCOPUS for an 8th May concert at the Hudson Duster in Troy, New York. John Longstreth was back in the spotlight in July, joining the reformed DIM MAK.

In early December SKINLESS entered Maxtrax Studio in Albany, New York to start recording new album, 'Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead' for June 2006 issue. New Zealand concerts in Auckland and Hamilton in November were supported by DAWN OF AZAZEL.

European concerts, along with DYING FETUS, CATTLE DECAPITATION and WAR FROM A HARLOT'S MOUTH, witnessed shows across Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark Ireland and the UK in May 2007. SUFFOCATION teamed up with IMMOLATION and SKINLESS for a North American tour beginning late October.

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