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A classy New York based, AOR project initially put together as a solo venture by former VALHALLA, AMERICAN TEARS and TOUCH man Mark Mangold. The debut DRIVE, SHE SAID album, released in 1989, features guitar work from SARAYA's Tony Rey and a guest appearance from BALANCE and MEAT LOAF guitarist Bob Kulick. Other contributors include ex-DUST and RICK DERRINGER and H.S.A.S. bassist Kenny Aaronson, session drummer Kenny Aaronoff, ALDO NOVA, who co-wrote the song 'Love Has No Pride' on the record, BENNY MARDONES and FIONA, the latter co-writing 'Hard Way Home'.

The album was originally released by CBS Records in North America but subsequently bought back from the label. It was then licenced it to Music For Nations in Europe, where it was re-issued with the ground breaking catalogue number of MFN100.

Maintaining the momentum of the debut, the sophomore 'Excelerator' album solidified DRIVE, SHE SAID's standing. The 1991 album 'Drivin' Wheel' sees BENNY MARDONES, ALDO NOVA and FIONA offering their services again. Meantime, former guitarist Ray Ditone joined the formative KILLERS line-up fronted by ex-IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Dianno.

In Spring 1998 the DRIVE, SHE SAID compilation album 'Best Of Drive, She Said - Road To Paradise' was released in Japan. The album was loaded with five bonus tracks, all new recordings from Mangold and Fritsch. The album was subsequently released in Britain through Italian imprint Frontiers Records.

By 2000 Mangold was a member of THE SIGN, a union involving Randy Jackson of ZEBRA repute and ex-STRANGEWAY singer TERRY BROCK. He would reuinite with Fritsch once more in 2001 as the pair contributed to the debut album from Spanish act 91 SUITE. During the latter half of 2002 Mark Mangold, Al Fritsch and Jonathan Mover prepared a new DRIVE, SHE SAID studio album provisionally billed as 'Real Life'. Mangold would also make time to commit to a second release from THE SIGN.

In 2008 Ray DiTone (as 'Ray DeTone') joined RECKLESS. DRIVE, SHE SAID made an appearance at the 24th October 2009 'Firefest' event in Nottingham.

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