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Date Formed Jun/1990

Categories: Black Metal


One of the more illustrious names on the American Black Metal scene. PROFANATACA, an extremely brutal and intentionally primitive act- not averse to appearing naked in their band photographs, debuted with the 'Putrescence Of...' demo. PROFANATICA was assembled by former INCANTATION personnel Aragon Amori, Paul Ledney and Brett Makowski. Previous to INCANTATION both Amori and Makowski had been members of BLOOD THIRSTY DEATH whilst Ledney had been involved with REVENANT and G.G. Allin's CONNECTICUT COCKSUCKERS.

A sophomore PROFANATICA product 'Broken Throne Of Christ' led to a deal with After World Records. PROFANATACIA gave their fans more than they had bargained for when the first 100 copies of the limited edition 500 pressing of the debut single 'Weeping In Heaven' came complete with genuine smears of group members blood and (allegedly) semen! The musical content consisted of the aforementioned title track culled from the demo plus a new composition' 'Heavenly Father'. All 500 copies sold within 12 days.

Makowski, opting to concentrate on a side project, had been replaced with John Gelso signaling the start of fluctuations in the guitar department. However Makowski would be recalled to replace Gelso's guitar solos on material signalling Gelso's departure and Makowski's return.

PROFANATICA cut a March 1992 split single with Colombian band MASACRE for the French Osmose Productions label. The equally notorious EP 'As Tears Of Blood Stain The Altar Of Christ' quite uniquely for a Black Metal band featured the corpsepainted group members baring all!

The band united with guitarist Wicked Warlock Of Demonic Blasphemy, bass guitarist with DEMONCY, managing one solitary swansong gig on the 31st August 1992 before disbanding. An album was rumoured to have been recorded entitled 'The Raping Of The Virgin Mary' but according to stories the tapes were deliberately destroyed.

Aragon Amori later founded CONTRIVISTI, Hardcore act SEALED WITH A FIST and involvement with DEMONIC CHRIST on the 1993 demo 'Deceiving The Heavens' but would die prematurely in 1996. PROFANATICA's last guitarist Wicked Warlock Of Demonic Blasphemy would re-title himself Ixithra with DEMONCY. Ledney forged HAVOHEJ in 1993. Although this project folded it would be resurrected in 2000.

Rare PROFANATICA tapes surfaced in 1999 as part of a split EP with Singapore Black Metal band IMPIETY. Another limited edition, this single was restricted to 400 red vinyl issues and 100 in gold vinyl.

During early 2002 PROFANATICA seemingly regrouped, announcing the scheduled arrival of a 7" single on Metal War Productions hosting two new tracks 'Broken Jew' and 'Fuck The Messiah'. Band members would also feature on the 2004 CROWNED IN SEMEN demo.

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