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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY may well justifiably lay claim to the title of America's first Crossover act. The band effortlessly blend riffs of extreme magnitude with infectious Hardcore. Over the years CORROSION OF CONFORMITY have developed through Thrashcore up to latter works which find the band embraced by the Stoner Sludgecore community. Originally a trio titled NO LABELS, the band was forged in 1982 by vocalist / bassist Mike Dean, guitarist Woody Weatherman and drummer Reed Mullin. The band augmented their line-up with lead vocalist Eric Eyke for first album 'Eye For An Eye' in 1984, an album that was later re-released by Caroline during 1990.

With 'Animosity' in 1985 the band veered more towards straight metal territory. However, the same year saw the departure of Dean and the band pulled in former UGLY AMERICANS singer Bob Sinister for the 'Technocracy' mini-album as the band, benefiting from the global upsurge of interest in Thrash Metal, were now propelled to front runner status.

Sinister had left the fold by 1988 and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY were effectively put on ice until May 1989 when activity resumed with the addition of ex-SEIZURE and SCHOOL OF VIOLENCE frontman Karl Agell. During the interim a six track EP 'Six Songs With Mike Singing' was released to fulfill contractual obligations as Dean and guitarist Woody Weatherman created project band SNAKE NATION releasing an album.

Although without a contract for a lengthy period CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, now with bassist Phil Swisher, still kept up the live work touring with DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES, DANZIG, SOUNDGARDEN and BAD BRAINS. The band added second guitarist Pepper Keenan upfront of the 1991 album but recording of 'Blind' was delayed as Keenan recovered from a broken hip sustained whilst stagediving!

With the album release the band set about a club tour of America with support from PRONG and BULLET LAVOLTA. These dates were to trigger a world tour that would last a gruelling two years and after which vocalist Karl Agell was asked to leave following a New York show with TROUBLE thus prompting the departure of Swisher. The departing duo would later create LEADFOOT releasing the 1997 album 'Bring it on'.

Christmas 1991 bore witness to a bout of recording between Keenan and an old friend PANTERA vocalist Phil Anselmo. The project, titled DOWN, was later to see a CD release.

The 1994 album 'Deliverance', with Keenan now lead vocalist, saw the return of Dean to the bass role from his interim act SPORE as the band embarked on an American tour with support from KEPONE. The band's sound had shifted once more even echoing the vintage southern sound and twin guitar harmonies. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY also opened the 1994 Castle Donington 'Monsters Of Rock' festival headlined by METALLICA.

Dean formed an alliance with BRUTAL TRUTH's Rich Hoak to give birth to a 1996 side project act titled NINEFINGER, an album being released the following year.

With renewed interest in the band Columbia instructed the act to adopt more commercial leanings before funding further product. The band delivered a batch of mellowed out Southern flavoured demos but found themselves dropped anyway. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY toured America in 2000 backed up by CLUTCH and SIXTY WATT SHAMEN. Mullin, suffering from back injuries, was replaced by EYEHATEGOD's Jimmy Bower.

As 2001 dawned it became apparent that Bower had taken the position permanently as Mullin departed to concentrate on his Alternative Rock act BROWN. The band would support PANTERA on their Australian shows in April of 2001, announcing too that they had signed up with the new Sanctuary Records concern. The first results of this collaboration came in August with the issue of the band's debut live effort 'Live Volume', recorded at Harpo's Concert Theatre gig in Detroit on April 20th.

For recording of a fresh studio album in mid 2002 CORROSION OF CONFORMITY pulled in new drummer Merritt Partridge as Jimmy Bower was fully booked with projects such as DOWN, EYEHATEGOD and SUPERJOINT RITUAL. Yet another side venture also grew up during this period with Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Merritt Partridge involving themselves with LET' LONES. By late 2002 former drummer Reed Mullin was touting a brand new band venture MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF. The LET' LONES project would debut live with a home town Raleigh gig in July of 2003. Pepper Keenan took time out in late 2003 to produce the debut album from Southern rock band SOL FIYA.

July of 2004 saw CORROSION OF CONFORMITY back in the recording studio, laying down a cover version of LYNYRD SKYNYRD's 'On The Hunt' for a Sanctuary Records tribute album entitled 'Heavy Helping'. Shortly after, a brand new album would be undertaken with producer John Custer bearing a working title of 'En los Brazos del Dios' (In the Arms of God). On drums would be New Orleans native Stanton Moore of Jazz Rock combo GALACTIC.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY lent support to MOTȪRHEAD's US tour dates commencing March 2005, these dates also including BRAND NEW SIN and ZEKE. Headline US dates in June saw CROWBAR, WEEDEATER and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY as support. However, the tour was marred by tragedy when on 23rd June at Masquerade club venue in Ybor City in Florida four audience members were stabbed, one fatally.

Alongside ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY once again, the band, together with FU MANCHU and DANKO JONES, started out on another two-week run of dates beginning on 7th July in Santa Ana, California. UK shows in September and October had Swedish Doomsters WITCHCRAFT as support, after which the band was set to hook up with MOTȪRHEAD and MELDRUM for Scandinavian and European gigs. However, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans resident Pepper Keenan naturally prioritised family matters and the band withdrew from the dates. In November CORROSION OF CONFORMITY hooked up with DISTURBED for a national Jägermeister sponsored US tour. A variety of opening acts would be employed including SOIL, THE HEAVILS, DRY KILL LOGIC, DOPE, OPIATE FOR THE MASSES and DOG FASHION DISCO.

The band teamed up with CLUTCH and Philadelphia instrumental rockers STINKING LIZAVETA for a UK tour in January 2006.

In early 2009 Karl Agell, who sang on the classic 1991 album 'Blind', reunited with founding member drummer Reed Mullin in a new band project called CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND. The Raleigh, North Carolina based group, which was to perform the entire original version of the 'Blind' album in concert, also featured Scott Little from Agell's band LEADFOOT, plus guitarist Jason Browning and bass player Jerry Barrett, both of whom were previously in BAD BRAINS singer HR's solo group.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND started gigging in March 2009, commencing live activity with an inaugural gig on the 20th at The Millenium Center in Winston-Salem.


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