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Date Formed 1991

Categories: Heavy Metal


BOULDER, whose hackneyed logo is made up of two crossed flying V's, operate in the surreal Stoner infused world of Southern sludge style desert Rock and cliched 80's Heavy Metal giving cause for justifiable comparisions to both KYUSS and JUDAS PRIEST! Indeed, frontman Jamie Walters has been known to arrive onstage in full leather gear, including assless chaps astride a moped as his BOULDER band mates crank out 'Hell Bent For Leather'! BOULDER's brand of avant garde Metal humour was first felt in 1992 when ex-PROCREATION members Walters and Gibbs united with former Hardcore exponents Munn and Hanchin from BLATANT DISREGARD.

BOULDER opened with a limited edition single 'Sac' only pressed up in 100 copies. Their 1994 demo 'Jailbreak' set the scene for what was to follow opening up with the less than subtle 'Kick The Pregnant'.

A shared 1995 single saw the band doubling up with DIMBULB. That same year the 7” 'Fist' EP would contain cover versions of BLACK SABBATH's 'Trashed' and VENOM's 'In League With Satan'. Another limited run single 'Pilzner's Bible' split with SLOTH gave the collectors something else to hunt down, it again only seeing 100 copies pressed. The 1997 cover of BLACK DEATH's 'Screams Of The Iron Messiah' took BOULDER to new levels of audacity being a split 7” with no less than THIN LIZZY! The cover artwork depicting Phil Lynnot with a speech bubble stating “I gave full permission for this record”. Again, another limited run of 300 only.

The 2000 'Ripping Christ' album, graced with an album cover depicting Jesus crucified upside down on a stack of Marshall amps, is a compilation of all the previous demos and singles. Jamie Walters sessioned on Doom merchants THE GATES OF SLUMBER's 2000 demo 'Blood Encrusted Deth Axe' and joined the resurrected DESTRUCTOR on bass during 2003.

In August of 2004, bowing out with a three song 7" single released through Akron`s Shifty Records, BOULDER announced they were to disband. Walters pusue his other musical endeavours in ABDULLAH and MIDNIGHT whilst guitarist Mark Gibbs joined a tribute band and drummer Patrick Munn set up shop building custom skateboards. Another 2004 release would be the album 'Unleashed In The Midwest', issued by Outlaw Recordings and limited to just 220 copies.

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