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UNITED STATES, Pennsylvania, Wilkes Barre

Date Formed 1998

Categories: Alternative Rock, Nu-Metal


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Pennsylvanian modern Rock outfit, forged in Wilkes-Barre during late 1998 by singer / songwriter Benjamin Burnley and drummer Jeremy Hummel. The BREAKING BENJAMIN title was prompted when Burnley damaged a borrowed microphone onstage whilst performing a NIRVANA song, the owner declaring "Thanks to Benjamin for breaking my fucking mike!" In 1999 the group evolved into PLAN 9, but with a succession of line-up changes re-adopted the BREAKING BENJAMIN tag in 2001, adding the erstwhile LIFER and STRANGERS WITH CANDY pairing of guitarist Aaron Fink and bass player Mark James Klepaski. The latter two musicians had actually bailed out on LIFER, who were signed to major label Universal Records, in order to formulate the venture.

The gamble started to pay off when Wilkes-Barre WBSX-FM DJ Freddie Fabbri enthusiastically began to promote the track 'Polyamorous'. Such was the public reaction that Fabbri was motivated further to finance the band's eponymous debut EP. The group scored a deal with Hollywood Records and BREAKING BENJAMIN's first impressions nationally were made as support to GODSMACK in support of their debut, August 2002, Ulrich Wild produced album 'Saturate'.

BREAKING BENJAMIN's 2004 outing 'We Are Not Alone', recorded in New York City with producer David Bendeth, would see BILLY CORGAN of SMASHING PUMPKINS contributing his songwriting skills to three songs, 'Follow', 'Forget It' and 'Rain'. Summer arena touring in the US found the band acting as openers for EVANESCENCE and SEETHER. With the departure of Jeremy Hummel, BC Vaught, formerly of (HED)P.E., would take up the drum position in September. However, a further change then saw Chad Szeliga, from SW1TCHED, manning the drums. Touring in November saw the group added to the CHEVELLE and KORN dates.

The band partnered with 3 DOORS DOWN and STAIND for Summer 2005 dates launching in Manchester, New Hampshire, on 30th June and running through until September. 'We Are Not Alone' would be certfied platinum status for one million copies sold in the USA during July. BREAKING BENJAMIN had their version of 'Who Wants To Live Forever' included on the QUEEN tribute album 'Killer Queen' released in August 2005 through Hollywood Records.

BREAKING BENJAMIN toured the USA partnered with GODSMACK in October 2006 to coincide with the release of the 'Phobia' album. This set was preceded by the single 'The Diary Of Jane'. However, they dropped off the GODSMACK tour in mid November citing "health issues". Back in action, the band scheduled further concerts flanking NICKELBACK and THREE DAYS GRACE.

A re-issue of 'Phobia' in April 2007, re-entering the US charts at no. 38, hosted an additional DVD disc filmed at at the Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on 11th February. Further success was gained when the single 'Breath' hit the coveted no. 1 spot on the Billboard charts. A co-headlining tour in the United States was conducted alongside THREE DAYS GRACE with PUDDLE OF MUDD as openers. The group closed off 2007 with a 36 date tour supported by THREE DAYS GRACE, SEETHER and SKILLET.

'Phobia' achieved platinum status in the USA for one million copies sold in May 2009, just as the band and producer David Bendeth were recording fresh album tracks.

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