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This semi-legendary cult Heavy Metal band have undergone more than a few line-up changes over the years. By the time the group recorded their 'Call Off The Dogs' debut album for the French Black Dragon label original vocalist Rock Rothweiler, guitarist Jay Carr and bassist Jeff Way had all quit from the line-up that had recorded a three track EP in 1984. STEEL VENGEANCE issued a demo tape earlier the same year which included drummer Carl Elliot.

Carr's replacement, Bob Lindstrom, was replaced himself by Tracy Kerbuski for the 'Prisoners' album, which also saw the arrival of Tom Vileho on drums in place of Andy Anderson. By early 1987 the group were reported to have recruited a 14 year old drummer in the form of Tim Gilderloos.

The fourth album, 1989's 'Never Lettin' Go', found new vocalist Scott Nocon fronting STEEL VENGEANCE who also boasted a new guitarist in Glenn Rogers and a brand new rhythm section comprising bassist Killer Cerogatti and drummer John Draper. Guitarist / keyboardist Michael Wickstrom was thus the only original member of the band.

1991's 'Live: Among The Dead' found Jason Saige on vocals on a recording of performances captured at shows in Ventura and San Diego during 1990.

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