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Elizabethton, Tennessee Christian Metalcore. THE SHOWDOWN started life as trio comprising brothers Daniel and Jeremy Swain on drums and guitar with Travis Bailey on bass billed 2540, as a reference to Matthew 25:40 from the Bible. Bailey would switch to guitar as Andrew Hall took command of the drums. Adopting a more Hardcore approach, the band switched title to THE SHOWDOWN. A November 2004 debut album, entitled 'A Chorus Of Obliteration' on Mono Vs Stereo Records, was produced by LIVING SACRIFICE frontman Bruce Fitzhugh. This effort was firmly entrenched in the Christian Metal camp with each song employing specific themes, such as David and Goliath, Samson and Delilah and Sodom and Gomorrah, related to Biblical passages.

In late 2006 Hall announced he was decamping to pursue a career in professional wrestling. Erstwhile-STILL REMAINS drummer AJ Barrette took his place.

In November 2006, Century Media Records re-issued THE SHOWDOWN's 2004 debut album 'A Chorus Of Obliteration' for the European market, adding extra song 'Give Us This Day'. THE SHOWDOWN lined up January 2007 European shows aligned with ith NORMA JEAN, HE IS LEGEND plus MAYLENE & THE SONS OF DISASTER. Second album, 'Temptation Come My Way' produced by Paul Ebersold, emerged in February, this set featuring a cover version of the KANSAS classic 'Carry On Wayward Son'. Also featured on some variants was the controversial cut 'Fanatics And Whores'.

In May 2007, THE SHOWDOWN filmed the video for the song 'Temptation Come My Way' with accomplished music video director Doug Spangenberg. The group joined the OZZY OSBOURNE headlined 'Ozzfest' extravaganza for arena dates throughout June and July across the USA. That September Mono Vs. Stereoissued the three track EP 'Feels Like Hell', a collection of leftovers from 'Temptation Come My Way'.

Travis Bailey, newly engaged, exited in early February 2008. THE SHOWDOWN, switching labels to Solid State, finished recording its third full-length album, 'Back Breaker', in May. The album was released on 19th August. The following month THE SHOWDOWN filmed a video for the song 'Back Breaker' in Atlanta with director Daniel Davidson.

THE SHOWDOWN parted ways with both drummer AJ Barrette and bass player Eric Koruschak in April 2009. Former DEMON HUNTER member Yogi Watts took over on drums whilst bass was delegated to Jeremiah Scott of Nashville's DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY.

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