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UNITED STATES, Tennessee, Memphis

Date Formed 2003

Categories: Deathcore, Metalcore, Sludge


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Tennessee Metalcore / Hardcore band NIGHTS LIKE THESE, formed in 2003, inaugurated themselves on the recording front with a 2005 three track EP 'The Only Clown I'm Down With Is Gacy'.

The band signed with Victory Records in February 2006 then headed out for US road work in June and July alongside ON BROKEN WINGS, BLACK MY HEART and SWORN ENEMY to promote the debut 'Faithless' album. Produced by Andreas Magnusson, this set was recorded by singer Billy Bottom, guitarists Matt Qualls and Derren Saucier, bass player Sebastian Rios with Patrick Leatherwood on drums.

The group hooked up with ED GEIN, THE BANNER and HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW for US touring throughout September and October. Concerts in December had the band aligned with ION DISSONANCE, LIGHT THIS CITY and AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK. January 2007 shows had the band partnered with DEAD TO FALL, BLOOD RUNS BLACK and TOO PURE TO DIE.

Andreas Magnusson was again utilised to produce second album 'Sunlight At Secondhand', released in October 2007, after which Patrick Leatherwood exited. In July 2008 it was learned NIGHTS LIKE THESE had severed ties with Victory Records and recruited new drummer Todd Pasterniak, who debuted live with the band on 20th July at the Buccaneer Lounge in Memphis.

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