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An extremely melodic, classy Hard Rock band put together by the cream of America's top session men, GIANT combined the Huff brothers - Dann and David - with keyboard player Alan Pasqua and bassist Mike Brignardello and the resulting album, 'Last Of The Runaways' on A&M Records, found immediate favour with AOR connoisseurs everywhere.

The Huff brothers, from Nashville, had played together previously as founding members of the Christian AOR band WHITE HEART before following more lucrative careers as session men. Dann Huff, in particular, has recorded with the likes of BOB SEGER, MADONNA, WHITESNAKE (the monumental '1987' album) and VAN STEPHENSON. Pasqua, from New Jersey, had also recorded with WHITESNAKE and VAN STEPHENSON amongst a lengthy list of other noted names.

Huff and Pasqua had met on the session playing circuit following the guitarist's relocation from Nashville to Los Angeles. The pair had tried to put a band of their own together previously, but the chemistry had never been in evidence with the other musicians involved until Dann invited brother David and Memphis born Mike Brignardello out to Los Angeles and things clicked from the word go.

'Last Of The Runaways' was recorded in England and produced by ex-CHARLIE guitarist Terry Thomas. Backing vocals were supplied by FASTWAY front man LEA HART. Upon its release in 1989 the record was instantly coveted by AOR fans the worldwide

GIANT briefly toured Britain with second guitarist Mark Oakley, a cousin of Brignardello's and a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles to bolster the sound out in order for Dann Huff to take more of a true frontman's role.

In 1991 Huff, Pasqua and Brignardello sessioned on AMY GRANT's 'Heart In Motion' album.

Following a change of label, GIANT recorded second album, like the debut produced by Terry Thomas, 'Time To Burn' for Epic. Pasqua quit the band as he was unwilling to tour due to family commitments, regardless of the fact that GIANT was fast becoming more of a guitar based affair. 'Time To Burn' found the band in a distinctly heavier mood. Ultimately though, in spite of a strong fan base, GIANT was to fold.

Dan Huff was find himself in altogether heavier territory when he was hired to produce Thrash veterans MEGADETH during 1997.

The band was resurrected during 2000 when it was learned the leading European AOR label Frontiers had enticed the original membership back together for a third crack at the whip, the suitably titled 'III' album seeing a November 2001 release in time for European dates.

The GIANT name returned in 2009. This time David Huff and Mike Brignardello would be joined for a new album for Frontiers Records by STRANGEWAYS singer Terry Brock and the WINGER credited guitarist John Roth.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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