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UNITED STATES, Texas, Dallas

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Death Metal


Deathgrind outfit DEVOURMENT was formulated with an original line-up of ex-MEATUS vocalist Wayne Knupp, guitarist Brian Wynn and drummer Brad Fincher. A demo, engineered by future guitarist Braxton Henry, led to the debut album 'Molesting The Decapitated' for the United Guttural label However, by this stage DEVOURMENT had undergone radical line up changes with only Wynn and Fincher surviving. New members comprised of former DETRIMENTAL guitarist Ruben Rosas on vocals, second guitarist Kevin Clark and bassist Mike Majewski.

Following the release of the album DEVOURMENT was apparently put on ice when Rosas was reportedly imprisoned. The band would reconvene drafting original singer Wayne Knupp back into the fold and with Braxton Henry supplanting Wynn.

The 2000 album 'Devourment', issued by the Corpsegristle label, comprised of a new studio recording 'Babykiller', three re-mastered songs from the 'Impaled' demo and eight tracks culled from the debut 'Molesting The Decapitated' album. PROPHECY bassist Joseph Fontenot was added to the line-up in May 2003. '1.3.8.', with additional studio and demo tracks, saw a European release in September 2004 through the Dutch Displeased label. DEVOURMENT reformed during late 2004 to record a new album 'Butcher The Weak'. Eric Park, of Louisiana's SUTURE and Texan outfits SCARLINE and RHOME, replaced Brad Fincher on the drums in March 2005.

In August 2006 former singer Wayne Knupp announced a fresh band union with Brian Mohler of ARTERY ERUPTION and drummer Alexander Gosselin. Night Of The Vinyl dead issued a vinyl version of the '1.3.8' album, adding three demo tracks and a previously unreleased song 'Babykiller', limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

DEVOURMENT entered the studio on 6th March 2009 with producer D. Braxton Henry to record its third full-length album, entitled 'Unleash The Carnivore'. Meantime, former members of DEVOURMENT, Brian Wynn and Brad Fincher formed a new project band in February 2009.

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