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Texan Heavy Metal band SURGEON released a sole album in 1996, 'Encyclopedia of The Insane'. It was a fairly heavy affair with a lyrical and visual concept revolving around an insane asylum and an exploration of similar themes of insanity. This relatively obscure band is notable for the inclusion of guitarist MICHAEL HARRIS, who once held membership in TYRANT, ARCH RIVAL, LEATHER and some notable solo work with DAVID T. CHASTAIN.

A couple of members continued to go onto bigger projects. Both bassist James Martin and Harris were later members of ZANISTER and KINRICK. In addition, Harris has a continuing and prolific career as a solo artist and drummer Matt Thompson went on to work with SINGLE BULLET THEORY and KING DIAMOND.

Thompson re-emerged in 2009 with DEUXMONKEY, a group initiated by former ANTHRAX guitarist Dan Spitz and also including Peter Baltes, of ACCEPT, on bass and A.O.H., of SHAOLIN DEATH SQUAD, on vocals.


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