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Date Formed Jan/2001

Categories: Metalcore, Nu-Punk, Punk, Screamo


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Nu-Punk Screamo act THE USED hailed from the Mormon heartlands of Orem in Utah. Through their frontman Bert McCracken the band shot to notoriety throughout 2002 and 2003 as he famously dated then dumped OZZY OSBOURNE's feisty daughter KELLY OSBOURNE. The entire span of this relationship, including McCracken's Valentine's day dumping via mobile phone, was captured on MTV's hugely successful TV show 'The Osbournes'. This accelerated shot at national stardom, backed by radio play for singles 'The Taste Of Ink' and 'A Box Full Of Sharp Objects', succeeded in selling over half a million copies of their debut album.

US dates in January of 2003 saw THE USED partnered with Seattle Screamo-core act THE BLOOD BROTHERS. After failing to get through a radio station concert in Cincinnati in May of 2003 McCracken, an acknowledged former drug user, was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. Nevertheless, Summer exposure would find the band sharing a billing with POISON THE WELL, RANCID, DROPKICK MURPHY'S, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, SUM 41, ANDREW W.K. and LESS THAN JAKE on the roving 'Vans Warped' skateboarding and BMX festival dates.

THE USED put in extensive US road work during 2004, acting as openers to BLINK-182 in May then hooking up with the Summer KORN and LINKIN PARK 'Projekt Revolution' dates. The album 'In Love And Death' would shift 93,240 copies in its first week of US sales to debut at no. 6 on the national Billboard charts. THE USED teamed up with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE for the 'Taste Of Chaos' US tour in February 2005. In October the band partnered with a heavyweight package involving RISE AGAINST, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND and STORY OF THE YEAR for gigs across Australia.

Drummer Branden Steineckert exited in order to join RANCID. Dean Butterworth, of GOOD CHARLOTTE, assumed the mantle for sessions and THE USED's third studio album, 'Lies For The Liars' recorded in Foxy Studios, Los Angeles with producer John Feldmann, surfaced in May 2007, preceded by the single 'The Bird And The Worm'.

The band, having inaugurated Dan Whitesides of NEW TRANSMIT DIRECTION as drummer, joined the ranks of the roving 'Vans Warped' US touring festival throughout July 2007.

The Matt Squire produced album 'Artwork', preceded by the single 'Blood On My Hands', was released on 1st September 2009 through Reprise Records. A limited edition of 3000 pre-order copies also included a free T-shirt, a DVD, signed poster and an expanded booklet. Further featured were two exclusive tracks, 'On The Cross (Save Yourself remix)' and 'In A Needle'.

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