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Clifton, Virginia's Power Metal band FORGOTTEN REALM, initially fronted by Matt Aub of MALINTENT, at one time featured the RAVEN, ARMAGEDDON, BLACK MANTA, DEVIL CHILDE, GUARDIANS OF THE FLAME, DEATH ROW and PENTAGRAM credited drummer Joe Hasselvander. The band was created in early 2002 by neo-classical guitarist Matthew Mills. FORGOTTEN REALM signed to Germany's Limb Music Products in 2004, announcing a debut album billed 'Beware'. However, this never eventuated.

By 2006 the FORGOTTEN REALM line-up, only retaining Mills and bassist Brian Sanders, had undergone some major changes, inducting new singer David Fefolt, of VALHALLA, MASI, WOLFHEAD, ROYAL FLUSH and HAWK repute, with Reynold Carlson, of JAG PANZER and the ROB ROCK band, on drums. Carlson was subsequently superseded by CIRCLE OF NERO's Jake Vorrath. The band signed with Greek label Sonic Age Records for the album 'Power And Glory' set for October 2007 release. This set, recorded at Saltmine Studios in Mesa, Arizona and co-produced by Mills and Fefolt, featured a cover version of the RAINBOW classic 'Man On The Silver Mountain'.

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