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UNITED STATES, Virginia, Oakton

Date Formed 1992

Categories: Black Metal


GRAND BELIAL'S KEY, fronted by vocalist / drummer Lord Vlad Luciferion and guitarist / bassist Gelal Necrosodomy, opened proceedings with the 1992 demo 'Goat Of A Thousand Years'. The band debuted live utilising the services of keyboard player 'Bitch' and ARGHOSOLENT bassist Kommando. However GRAND BELIAL'S KEY appear to have split into two factions shortly after with Gelal Necrosodomy decamping. He would be back in the fold the following year alongside another new member ex-DOOMSTRIKE man Demonic. A second 1994 session 'Triumph Of The Hordes' was released in Poland as a cassette album by Pagan Records.

In 1995 Luciferion would join esteemed Norwegian Black Metal act ANCIENT rebilling himself Lord Kaiaphas. Meantime the band pulled in CRUCIFIER members The Black Lourde Of Crucifixion (Cazz Grant), Der Sturmer and Lilith as replacements for the 'Mocking The Philanthropist' album. Although the subject of praise on the underground scene the album suffered at the hands of European distributors who refused to handle the album due to its perceived objectionable lyrical content. This album, with the addition of extra tracks, would be re-released under the new title of 'Castrate The Redeemer' by the German Barbarian Wrath label.

2001 witnessed a union with arch Black Metal vets NUNSLAUGHTER for the 'Sperm Of The Antichrist' single issued by the Danish Horror Records label. This release came in three types of coloured vinyl with 222 in 'Splatter green', 333 in gold and 444 pressings in standard black.

Gigs toward the close of the year found former colleagues Kommando and Demonic back at their live stations. GRAND BELIAL'S KEY signed to the French Black Metal specialists Drakkar Productions for the second album 'Judeobeast Assassination'.

The band partnered with NACHTMYSTIUM for Scandinavian gigs in February 2006.

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