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UNITED STATES, Virginia, Richmond

Date Formed 1996
Date Disbanded Sep/2008

Categories: Hard Rock, Metal, Stoner


Foremost exponents of 'Moonshine' Stoner Metal. Richmond, Virginia's ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY came together in 1996, founded by guitarists Asechiah Bogdan and Erik Larson with drummer Bryan Cox. Larson, an ex-KILARA member, was also operating at the time as drummer for Punk band AVAIL.

This formative version of the band even gigged minus both bassist and vocalist. Eventually Bill Storms filled the bass vacancy and 'Diamond Mudgoats' the vocal role. Before long Adrienne Droogas of San Francisco Punk act SPITBOY assumed the vocal mantle, a tenure which lasted precisely one gig. Johnny Throckmorton solidified the lead vocalist position during 1997.

The band's debut 6 track demo tape soon secured the interest of Man's Ruin Records and subsequently the 'Rise Again' album was launched in the summer of 1998. Shortly after Storms broke away from the band to create SUNNSHINE and ex-KILARA man Sam Krivanec was drafted as replacement. ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY toured America in union with SOLARIZED throughout the winter of 1999.

The 'River City Revival' album, which included a cover version of the FOUR HORSEMEN's 'Rockin' Is Ma Business', followed which prompted the band's first touring foray into Europe during 2000. Upon returning from these shows Krivanec was usurped by Bingo Tuggel for further live dates in America and the UK.

The same year ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY cut a cover version of a CAPTAIN BEYOND track for a split single with English Doomsters ORANGE GOBLIN on the Eccentric Man label. They would also share space with New Jersey's HALFWAY TO GONE on a Game Two released split album and cut a cover track for a LYNYRD SKYNYRD tribute record. The band would contribute their version of 'Sweet Emotion' to the 2000 Small Stone Recordings AEROSMITH tribute album 'Right In The Nuts'.

American touring would re-commence in the Spring of 2001 in confederation with DIXIE WITCH and SUPLECS but during the summer both Bogdan and Tuggel bade their farewell. ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY would be brought back up to strength with the addition of guitarist Ryan Lake and bass player John Peters.

ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY members Johnny Throckmorton and Bryan Cox would also be operational with side act ARS MORIENDI. '

The band would feature on the 2002 Smallstone Records 'Sucking The '70s' compilation which featured covers of classic 70's tracks re-cut by modern day Rockers. ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY weighed in with their interpretation of JETHRO TULL's 'Hymn 34'.

The band signed to the Relapse label for May 2002's Billy Anderson produced 'Staring At The Divine' album. ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY would be confirmed for another round of American tour dates in May of 2002, acting as openers would be old comrades ORANGE GOBLIN. The band projected American tourdates into September in league with MASTODON and would then form a somewhat unlikely union with W.A.S.P., ENGINE and ex-RATT frontman STEPHEN PEARCY for a string of package dates throughout October and November. However, these dates did not transpire. Meantime Erik Larson founded side venture THE MIGHTY NIMBUS, a heavyweight union which boasted the inclusion of SIXTY WATT SHAMEN singer Dan Soren and guitarist Minnesota Pete Campbell, former ELECTRIC CHAIR HORROR bassist Dinis deCarvalho and ex-CHAOS WITCH drummer Andy Campbell.

Vocalist Johnny Throckmorton opted out in April of 2003. He would be superseded during October by Johnny Weils, formerly of Columbus, Ohio act BARBED WIRE DOLLS. The band returned in 2004 with the 'Fulton Hill' album. ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY opened 2005 with US dates commencing late January, seeing ALL THAT REMAINS and GWAR as running mates. Further North American gigs in June had the group in alliance with CROWBAR, WEEDEATER and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. However, the tour was marred by tragedy when on 23rd June at Masquerade club venue in Ybor City in Florida four audience members were stabbed, one fatally.

The band, alongside FU MANCHU and DANKO JONES, supported CORROSION OF CONFORMITY once again on a two-week run of dates beginning on July 7th in Santa Ana, California. That December Erik Larson engaged in recording with studio side band BIRDS OF PREY, this project featuring BEATEN BACK TO PURE's Ben Hogg on lead vocals, Bo Leslie of THROTTLEROD on guitars, Summer Welch of BARONESS on bass and Dave Witte, a scene veteran of acts such as HUMAN REMAINS, ATOMSMASHER, DISCORDANCE AXIS, MELT-BANANA, MUNICIPAL WASTE and BURNT BY THE SUN, on drums for the album 'Weight Of The Wound'.

In May 2006 ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY announced Kyle Thomas, of TROUBLE, FLOODGATE, JONES'S LOUNGE and EXHORDER repute, as their new frontman. The band donated their rendition 'God Song' of to raise funds for the EYEHATEGOD musicians on the Emetic Records assembled benefit CD 'For The Sick - A Tribute To Eyehategod'.

During September ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY utilised The Etching Tin Studios in Richmond, Virginia, working with engineer Ian Whalen on the album 'Open Fire'. The album arrived in March 2007.

Kyle Thomas exited in early 2008. That September ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY called it quits.

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