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USA, MA, Boston

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Boston pioneering Metalcore act OVERCAST issued the groundbreaking 'Expectational Dilution' album through Edison Recordings in July 1994. Founded on the Worcester music scene during 1991, a string of demos and EPs, including 1992's 'Bleed Into One', had preceded this release. Further product came in the form of the 'Begging For Indifference' EP and their final full-length 'Fight Ambition To Kill' in 1997. This latter opus was promoted by nationwide touring backing SHAI HULUD and DISEMBODIED.

Despite being tipped by many to go on to much greater things, the band folded during 1998. Fortunately, two band members utilised this grounding as a platform to find international recognition, vocalist Brian Fair teaming up with SHADOWS FALL whilst bass player Mike DiAntonio would join KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Meantime, guitarist Pete Cortese would ally himself with MEDIUM, second guitarist Scott McCooe started Doom Metal combo CHOIRS GREW SILENT and Jay Fitzgerald joined TUNNEL DRILL. OVERCAST reunited for a one off showing at the Worcester 'New England Metal & Hardcore Festival' in April of 2000.

A new project billed as TRANSIENT emerged in January of 2003 forged by SHADOWS FALL singer Brian Fair on drums alongside ARISE vocalist / guitarist Tim Hayes and Scott McCooe of OVERCAST on bass. A three song demo arrived in November 2004. Another OVERCAST related act, the Christian Stoner outfit SEEMLESS, was also activated during 2003, this band seeing Pete Cortese joined by ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE singer Jason Leach, bassist Kevin Schuler and drummer Derek Kerswill of SHADOWS FALL.

OVERCAST reunited to play at the 'New England Metal And Hardcore' festival on April 29th 2006. Also announced at the same juncture would be a collection of re-recorded archive material plus two new tracks, produced by Adam Dutkiewicz of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, to make up an album entitled 'Reborn To Kill Again'.

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