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BRUTALITY's debut album, recorded naturally at Morrisound studios, featured a line up of vocalist Scott Reigal, guitarists Don Gates and erstwhile EULOGY man Jay Fernandez, bassist Jeff Acres and drummer Jim Coker. Fernandez would make his exit to be replaced by Brian Hipp for 1995's 'When The Sky Turns Black'.

By the time of BRUTALITY's last outing 'In Mourning' Both Hipp and Gates had been superseded by erstwhile NASTY SAVAGE man Danny Gray and ex-DEGRADATION member Dana Walsh. However, pre- recording Gray made way for former EXECRATION guitarist Pete Sykes.

Ex member Brian Hipp would enjoy a fleeting appearance with premier British Black Metal band CRADLE OF FILTH during 1995 and later resurfaced as a member of DIABOLIC.

Coker and Sykes were operational with CONTORTED in 1997, a union with former EULOGY guitarist Dave Sawyer and bassist Ed Webb of EULOGY and DIABOLIC. In late 2002 BRUTALITY reformed and set to work on a comeback album billed as 'From The Ashes'. The revised band unit numbered original members vocalist Scott Reigel, guitarist, founding member Larry Sapp and bass player Jeff Acres as well as members of one-time BRUTALITY side endeavour ASTAROTH. However, despite signing to the Polish label Still Dead Productions by October of 2003 the new album had still not surfaced. BRUTALITY at this juncture comprised Reigal, Acres, guitarists Mausolus Arguelles Von Kiszka and Demian Heftel with drummer Jim Coker.

In early 2005 BRUTALITY announced they were to disband, blaming Still Dead Productions and claiming they had "completely backed out of their end of the deal". In May reports emerged that guitarist Mausolus Arguelles Von Kiszka has died. That same month ex-BRUTALITY guitarist Brian Hipp joined UNHOLY GHOST.

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