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Essentially a one man project of former LESTREGUS NOSFERATUS man Ron Vento. AURORA BORALIS, initially based out of Atlanta, Georgia prior to a relocation to Waldorf, Maryland, first employed ACHERON, MALEVOLENT CREATION, NILE and ANGEL CORPSE drummer Tony Laureano for the 1996 'Mansions Of Eternity' EP. These tracks had been recorded at Sound Lab, South Carolina and issued on the Nightsky Productions label. By the time of 1998's 'Praise The Archaic- Lights Embrace', laid down at the same studio location, bassist Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckart and MALEVOLENT CREATION drummer Derek Roddy were employed.

The band proved prolific on the tribute scene having cut 'After Forever' for the BLACK SABBATH tribute 'Hell Rules', Altar Of Sacrifice' for the 1999 SLAYER homage 'Gateway To Hell', JUDAS PRIEST's 'Metal Meltdown' for the 1999 'Hell Bent For Metal' opus and 'We Rock' for the DIO collection 'Awaken The Demon'. In 2000 they donated their renition of 'The Ancient Ones' to the MORBID ANGEL set 'Scream Forth Blasphemy' and in 2001 a cover of KREATOR's 'Extreme Aggression' to 'Under The Guillotine'.

Denmark's Die Hard label included the AURORA BOREALIS song 'Enter The Halls' to a split promotional release 'Checkpoint #3' alongside DAEMON, ILLDISPOSED, NECROSPHERE and 2 TON PREDATOR.

The January 2003 set 'Time, Unveiled' was recorded in November 2001 at IQ Studios in Clinton, Maryland. Manning the drums would be Tim Yeung, a scene veteran of COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN, WINDBREED, SHAITHUS, AGIEL, HATE ETERNAL, DECREPIT BIRTH, NEVERS END, DIABOLIC, VITAL REMAINS and ALL THAT REMAINS. Bonus tracks on 'Time, Unveiled' came in the form of early LESTREGUS NOSFERATUS demos.

The band, having signed over to the Die Hard Music label, promptly resulting in a re-issue of the 'Northern Lights' album complete with a glut of extra material. Another promo inclusion for Die Hard, 'Checkpoint # 4', featured the track 'Sky Burial' flanking cuts by KOLDBORN, 2 TON PREDATOR, GURD and THORIUM. In 2005 AURORA BOREALIS contributed their take on W.A.S.P.'s 'I Wanna Be Somebody' to the Dwell tribute set 'Show No Mercy'. A three track demo was also distributed that same year.

Ex-AURORA BOREALIS drummer Tony Laureano subsequently joined high status Norwegian Black Metal band DIMMU BORGIR. AURORA BOREALIS returned in April 2006 with the 'Relinquish' album released through Nightsky Productions.

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