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USA, MO, Kansas City

Categories: Black Metal, Christian Metal, Unblack




Christian Black Metal act FROST LIKE ASHES were formed by vocalist Azahel and Adonijah in late 2001. The duo had previously played together in POSSESSION. Two demos were recorded as POSSESSION and a full length album entitled 'Eternally Haunt' which received great support by fans. Adonijah left the band and joined STEADFAST, a Hardcore band from Kansas City. They had the privalige of opening for renowned Hardcore act P.O.D. on the night they debuted their new album 'The Fundamental Elements Of South Town'.

Two and a half years of gigging and a full length album later, Adonijah decided he'd had enough and left STEADFAST. By now Azahel had also left POSSESSION and started FROST LIKE ASHES. He persuaded Adonijah to join and since FROST LIKE ASHES have appeared on the Dysmorphic Records compilation 'Screams Of Abbadon II'. The 2003 EP 'Pure As The Blood Covered Snow' featured a cover version of BLACK SABBATH's 'After Forever'. The 'Topheth' album arrived in June 2005.

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