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Recognised as a leading and inspirational force on the early US Black Metal scene. ORDER FROM CHAOS, created in Kansas City, Missouri during 1987, debuted in 1988 with the 'Order From Chaos' and 'Inhumanities' demos followed up in 1989 by third demo session 'Crushed Infamy'. Following the debut single 'Will To Power' on the Putrefaction label, manufactured in 1100 copies. Cassette variants also surfaced through Wild Rags Records. A further demo, 'Alienus Sum', was issued, being distributed via Hexateuc Torment Productions. Wild Rags handled the inaugural full-length album, 1991's 'Stillbirth Machine'. Vinyl editions would be pressed by Decapitated Records.

During 1994 a succession of ORDER FROM CHAOS EPs saw release, ' Live: Into Distant Fears' on Eternal Darkness, 'Jericho Trumpet' on Gestapo Records and 'Pain Lengthens Time'. A further 1994 'Plateau Of Invincibility' EP, put out by Shivadarshana, included two VENOM cover versions. Shivadarshana also released the second album, 1995's 'Dawn Bringer' and follow up EP 'And I Saw Eternity'. French label Osmose Productions took charge of a brace of 1998 European releases, 'An Ending In Fire', comprising unreleased tracks originally recorded in 1996 for Shivadarshana Records, and retrospective collection 'Stillbirth Machine / Crushed Infamy'. ORDER FROM CHAOS then consciously chose to end their career at this juncture.

Pete Helmkamp subsequently created ANGEL CORPSE. The remaining two ORDER FROM CHAOS members Charles 'Chuck' Keller and Mike Miller would found two new outfits, VULPECULA and retro-Black Thrash act ARES KINGDOM, the latter for issue of a 7" EP during March of 2003 through the Polish Agonia Promotions label. Keller also features on the 2004 album 'Fury And Fear, Flesh And Bone' from Japanese retro-Thrash band BARBATOS.

Leading New Zealand Black Metal band DAWN OF AZAZEL covered 'Plateau Of Invincibility' on their 2002 'Bloodforged Abdication' single. During 2004 the band donated their cover version of 'War And Pain' to a Nihilistic Holocaust Records tribute album to early VOIVOD. With interest in the band still running high, Merciless Records compiled a collection of rarities, including demos, 1994 live tracks and rehearsal sessions, billed 'Imperium, The Apocalyptic Visions' for release in July 2005.

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