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Olathe, Kansas based Emocore act THE GET UP KIDS evolved from the Olathe South High School Indie Rock band KINGPIN which cited a membership of guitarist Jim Suptic, bassist Robert Pope and drummer Ryan Michael Pope.

Matthew Patrick Pryor teamed up with Suptic after KINGPIN folded to found the Punk Rock combo SECRET DECODER RING. This new formation lasted a matter of months before dissolving and Pryor and Suptic allied themselves with another KINGPIN refugee Robert Pope and together with Nathan Shay on drums forging THE GET UP KIDS and debuting live in December of 1994. Before long a self-financed 7" single had arrived on the Huey Proudhorn label and would go on to sell in excess of two thousand copies.

The band parted ways with Shay in April of 1996 and pulled in their ex-KINGPIN colleague Ryan Pope as an intended temporary measure. Two further 7" singles were cut, one for Florida's Outback Records and the other for the Rhode Island Contrast label. However, the intended release for Outback was bought back from the label and eventually issued by Doghouse Records. CD versions of this release issued in June of 1997, dubbed the 'All Stars' EP, also added the tracks laid down for the Contrast release.

THE GET UP KIDS were all still attending school when they recorded their inaugural September 1997 full length album 'Four Minute Mile', produced by Bob Weston of SHELLAC and quite incredibly recorded and mixed in less than three days of studio time. In order to promote the album THE GET UP KIDS arranged time away from their studies to participate in touring with ETHEL MESERVE and BRAID.

The band donated a new recording 'I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel' for a Tree Record's 'Postmark Stamps' split 7" single in confederation with road mates BRAID. The band also recorded 'Burned Bridges' being a reworked version of COALESCE track 'Harvest Of Maturity' for a split 7" with COALESCE on Second Nature records. COALESCE responded in kind by revamping THE GET UP KIDS 'Second Place' re-billed as 'I'm Giving Up On This One'. Another recording session resulted in a cover of THE CURE's 'Close To You' for inclusion on the 'Before They Were Punk Vol. II' compilation.

Later touring expeditions found THE GET UP KIDS sharing American stages with JEJUNE and MINERAL in September, NO KNIFE in October and JIMMY EAT WORLD to close the year out. The band got out to Europe in March of 1988 packaged once more with BRAID. Their resolve and sense of adventure would be amply illustrated with a 2'000 mile round trip when the band performed with ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT in New York before heading straight to the next gig in Austin, Texas prior to returning home to Kansas City.

1998 had THE GET UP KIDS putting in showings on a plethora of tribute album releases giving renditions of a METROSCHIFTER song to an Initial Records collection, THE PIXIES for Glue Factory Records and even a MȪTLEY CRÜE tune 'On With The Show' for Triple Crown Records. During this time frame the band would also be in discussion with the Californian Mojo label and followed these negotiations with a nationwide tour in alliance with MXPX and HOMEGROWN in October.

With the conclusion of these dates THE GET UP KIDS expanded drafting COALESCE drummer James DeWees in as a keyboard player. This version of the band were soon in the studio for the 10" mini album 'Red Letter Day' issued by Doghouse, the Mojo offer having fallen by the wayside.

Their next release would be issued on their custom imprint Heroes And Villians Records for the 'Something To Write Home About' opus. Touring in December of 2001 would find APPLESEED CAST as support.

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