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Death Metal band BRODEQUIN, named after a French medieval leg crushing torture device, include former BESIEGED and ENTER SELF drummer Chad Walls in the ranks. The debut album 'Instruments Of Torture' was self financed but later re-issued by Extremis Records.

BRODEQUIN's Jamie Bailey would deputise as a drummer for DISGORGE on their 2002 American tour dates. A permanent replacement would be found in the form of FOETOPSY's Jon Engman.

Drummer Chad Walls would later figure in DISLIMB and INEXTYA. He also featured in PUSTULATED. Jamie Bailey united with ex-DISGORGE vocalist Matti Way to found LITURGY in 2003. BRODEQUIN marked a return in December of 2004 with the album 'Methods Of Execution', released by Unmatched Brutality Records.

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