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USA, CA, Los Angeles

Categories: Hard Rock


JUICE 13 was a Los Angeles act that despite their pedigree did not issue product. Frontman Cheeseboy is ex-T.S.O.L., guitarist JOHN CHRIST is ex-SAMHAIN and DANZIG, bassist Krys Baratto has worked with THE REAL McCOYS, GUNS N' ROSES and Robbin Crosby's 1992 outfit SECRET SERVICE whilst Albuquerque, New Mexico born drummer Randy Castillo was a former LITA FORD, STONE FURY and OZZY OSBOURNE man. Castillo had featured on a succession of OZZY OSBOURNE albums, 'The Ultimate Sin' in 1986, 'No Rest For The Wicked' in 1988, 'Just Say Ozzy' in 1990, 'No More Tears' in 1991 and the concert album 'Live & Loud' during 1993.

Prior to forging JUICE 13, Castillo had been working up band units BONE ANGEL and HARD LUCK. The drummer also appeared on an eponymous 1994 album from RED SQUARE BLACK. Castillo rejoined the OZZY OSBOURNE band and subsequently became a member of MÖTLEY CRÜE in 1999, debuting on the 'New Tattoo' album, whilst JOHN CHRIST recorded a solo album. Baratto joined POISON guitarist C.C. DeVille's side project bands THE STEPMOTHERS and SAMANTHA 7, then would join GREAT WHITE's touring line up in late 2000.

Sadly, Randy Castillo lost his long battle against cancer on March 26th 2002.

Mid 2004 saw Baratto working with Modern Rock outfit MODIFY in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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