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USA, CA, Los Angeles

Categories: Hard Rock


Leaked in April 2006, Los Angeles project band SAINTS OF THE UNDERGROUND, originally branded ANGEL CITY OUTLAWS, involved veteran figures from high profile acts such as WARRANT, RATT and QUIET RIOT. Frontman JANI LANE had scored multi-platinum success with WARRANT during the 1980s. Drummer Bobby Blotzer had achieved similar success throughout the same era with RATT. Both guitar player Keri Kelli and bassist Chuck Wright had scored numerous scene credits, Kelli with ADLER'S APPETITE, VINCE NEIL, RATT, WARRANT, BIG BANG BABIES, DAD'S PORNO MAG and SLASH'S SNAKEPIT and Wright with L.A. ROCKS, GIUFFRIA, QUIET RIOT and HOUSE OF LORDS.

In early 2007 the band took on a revised title SAINTS OF THE UNDERGROUND. A debut album, entitled 'Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner', recorded at Blotzer's studio, Diamond Recordings and mixed by Andy Johns, was set for release through Warrior Records on June 10th 2008.

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