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SAMANTHA 7 was founded by a moonlighting C.C. DeVille (a.k.a. Bruce Johanason) of POISON fame. Previous to SAMANTHA 7 the peroxide maned guitarist had operated THE STEPMOTHERS. This antecedent act had quite incredibly put in their debut gig at the mammoth 'Woodstock '99' festival. Bassist Krys Baratto had been offered the gig whilst DeVille was back out on the road with a POISON reunion tour. The bassist flew out to catch the tail end of the POISON tour to inform the guitarist of the news, leaving the fledgling band just two days to rehearse for the gig. Signed as a pet project of A&R guru John Kalodner to Columbia Records THE STEPMOTHERS switched title to SAMANTHA 7 due to a conflict over the original name. Joining DeVille on the 2000 album was former SECRET SERVICE, THE REAL McCOYS, GUNS N' ROSES and JUICE 13 bassist Krys Baratto and ex-CYNICAL SIDE drummer Francis Ruiz. The album was produced by Jack Blades of NIGHT RANGER and engineered by Andrew 'Mudrock' Murdock.

GREAT WHITE keyboard player Michael Lardie joined the band for live dates. Unfortunately the band's tour was curtailed when drummer Ruiz was run over crossing a street and sustained a broken leg. Tour manager Paul Woolnough deputized for the remaining dates.

Both Ruiz and Baratto, alongside SAMANTHA 7 touring guitarist Ty Longley, joined GREAT WHITE's touring band for European shows in late 2000. Ty Longley would team up with ex-MEGADETH drummer NICK MENZA for a new band venture in 2002. Tragically, a horrifying incident struck GREAT WHITE at their February 2003 gig at The Station venue in West Warwick, Rhode Island. A fire caused by pyrotechnics engulfed the building during the band's first song. Tragically nearly 100 members of the audience were killed in the blaze, which swept through the wooden building within a matter of minutes, with Ty Longley among the fatalities.

Ruiz resurfaced as a member of 40 CYCLE HUM alongside guitarist Mark Zavon of JRZ SYSTEM. 2004 saw C.C. DeVille back on the road with POISON, opening for for a KISS nationwide tour. That same year saw Baratto working with Modern Rock outfit MODIFY in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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