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Christian Progressive Thrash Metal band TOURNIQUET was founded by vocalist Greg Ritter, guitarist Greg Lanaire and drummer Ted Kirkpatrick. The band have developed from Speed Metal to a harsher, more abrasive style musically but have retained their trademark almost esoteric lyrical value. Although at first TOURNIQUET's message may seem rather obscure the lyrics are in fact always taken from biblical passages.

For their debut record Mark Lewis was on hand for extra guitarwork. Lewis, along with Erik Jan James, would appear on the band photograph on the album sleeve in order to present TOURNIQUET as more of a complete band and not just the actual trio that they were.

Guitarist Erik Mendez was drafted for TOURNIQUET's 1991 album 'Psycho Surgery', which included a cover version of TROUBLE's 'The Tempter'.

Ritter departed in 1993 as did Mendez. The live 1993 album saw a guesting Les Carlsen of BLOODGOOD fame sessioning lead vocals.

Luke Easter took the vocal reins for the 'Vanishing Lessons' album and subsequent touring found second guitar player Aaron Guera of FINAL NOTICE enrolled. Longstanding member Lenaire opted out in 1996 shortly after the release of the 'Collected Works' compilation.

Bassist Victor Macias felt compelled to leave TOURNIQUET for 'theological' reasons as the band's activities did not sit easy with his Russian orthodox religion. The band finally replaced him in December 1997 with Vince Dennis, although by 1999 he too departed. Band founder Greg Lanaire forged CRIPPLE NEED CANE.

Latterly Ritter and Lenaire have reunited in a new act ECHO HOLLOW. A 2002 re-release of the debut 'Stop The Bleeding' album added both live and demo bonus tracks. Guitarist Aaron Guerra departed in September. TOURNIQUET marked a return in 2003 with the album 'Where Moth And Rust Destroy' for Metal Blade Records. This outing featured guest appearances by guitarists ex-MEGADETH guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN and Bruce Franklin of TROUBLE. Guerra made a return to the ranks in October 2004.

TOURNIQUET put in an appearance at the all Christian Swedish Heavy Metal 'Bobfest' event at Folkets Park in Linkoping during March 2005. In mid 2006 band members bassist Victor Macias plus guitarists Erik Mendez and Gary Lenaire reunited with their brand new project 2050BELLS.

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