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WAR AND PEACE was formed by DOKKEN bassist JEFF PILSON and underwent a number of line-up changes before settling on guitarist Russ Parrish, bassist Tommy Hendrickson and drummer Ricky Parent. The guitarist's position was first filled by no less an individual than RANDY HANSEN, but he exited in 1990 and was succeeded by DARREN HOUSEHOLDER before Russ Parrish was added on a more permanent basis. Householder later joined LOVE/HATE but made more of a name for himself as a solo recording artist.

Pilson taking up the role of vocalist, the original bassist was former LEGS DIAMOND man Michael Diamond and drums were courtesy of DIO's Vinnie Appice. However, erstwhile WARLOCK bassist Tommy Hendrikson and ex-DEEP FREEZE drummer Ricky Parent were eventually added.

The band split in 1992, although recorded material eventually emerged in the form of an independently released album released through Shrapnel Records in 1994. Hendrickson performed bass on GEORGE LYNCH's 1993 album 'Sacred Groove'.

Pilson resumed playing bass upon joining DIO (reuniting with Appice) before participating in the reformation of DOKKEN. Hendrikson briefly worked with POISON guitarist C.C. DeVille in the abortive NEEDLE PARK. Parrish teamed up with JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Rob Halford in FIGHT. Parent replaced Vikki Foxx in the Chicago based ENUFF Z'NUFF. Parent and Hendrickson had initially teamed up with Danny and Michael Raphael in a short-lived incarnation of JAILHOUSE.

The 1999 release 'The Flesh And Blood Sessions' is a collection of archive material featuring the Pilson / Hansen / Diamond / Appice line-up.

A fresh band album 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel' arrived on Japanese label Pony Canyon in 2001 neatly coinciding with Pilson's renewed public persona courtesy of his role in the 'Rock Star' movie as bassist in the fictional STEEL DRAGON band. Contributing musicians to the new WAR & PEACE record included WINGER and DOKKEN guitarist Reb Beach, RACER X fretburner PAUL GILBERT, ex-EUROPE and DON DOKKEN guitarist JOHN NORUM and SCORPIONS drummer James Kottak. 2003 saw Pilson concentrating on a renewed relationship with GEORGE LYNCH, the LYNCH/PILSON credited 'Wicked Underworld' album being praised by many as a return to form.

During 2004 Pilson cut bass tracks for a DIO studio album. An April WAR AND PEACE album 'The Walls Have Eyes' released through Z Records saw European variants adding a version of DOKKEN's 'Walk Away' performed with a string quartet. A strong live unit was assembled for promotional concerts seeing Pilson fronting up a band the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, TALAS, HEAVEN and STEELER guitarist MITCH PERRY, bass player Brad Land and the JET RED and LYNCH / PILSON credited drummer Michael 'Fro' Frowein. As part of their schedule a gig at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool would be recorded for a live album. Pilson stood in for AOR veterans FOREIGNER for a one off charity event held in Santa Barbara on 25th July

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