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A terribly obscure Pomp Rock band. Frontman Dugan McNeill joined the group in 1978 and participated in the recording of the band's self-titled album in 1980, produced by keyboard player Yanni. CHAMELEON released a second album, 'Techno-Color', in 1981 as well as a couple of subsequent EPs before splitting, Yanni going off to pursue a trio of instrumental Synthetic Rok albums on a New York based independent with drummer Charlie Adams.

McNeill and guitarist Johnny Donaldson stuck together to later record a four track promotion EP, 'Isrealtown' in 1988, on the M.A.R.S. label and planned to follow it up with an album, 'In The Velvet Night', which was slated for release in the spring of 1989 through PolyGram.

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