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    Monrovia, California symphonic Black Metal project ECHOES OF SILENCE is mentored by Leviticai as a solo concern. The endeavour began life during 2000, then billed as MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE. Rebranded as ECHOES OF SILENCE the demo 'Echoes In The Night' was released in January 2001, this closing out with the CRADLE OF FILTH cover version 'Saffron's Curse'. Anno Satannas Records released the June 2004 album 'Where No Sun Shines'. The December 2005 album, 'Raven Dusk', featured former GORTHYRMUS man Lord Onigumo on keyboards and guitars. Somewhat strangely, the June 2006 EP 'Tears Of Our Past Lives', restricted to only 20 copies, featured a cover version of 'Machinehead', originally by BUSH.

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