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Once described rather unkindly by the American Rock magazine Circus as 'the ugliest band in the world', New Yorkers the GOOD RATS have a legacy that can be traced back nearly thirty years. Having released their debut album in 1969 Peppi Marchello has since gone on record to state that the second album, 'Tasty', wasn't released until 1974 after he listened to the first album and figured that they needed more practice!

Whilst 'Tasty' was a more Jazzy album, 'Ratcity In Blue' caused some controversy for featuring the track, 'Writing The Pages', depicting the last moments in the life of Adolf Hitler! More bizarrely, 1978's'Birth Comes To Us All' album was based upon a play Peppi Marchello had written about life in an old peoples home!! Somewhat (in)appropriately the album featured a guest appearance from Manfred Mann. The preceding 'From Rats To Riches' was produced by Flo & Eddie, known for their work with THE TURTLES and FRANK ZAPPA. The GOOD RATS toured Britain with MEAT LOAF on the back of 'Birth Comes To Us All'.

The 'Great American Music' album in 1981 saw the addition of former BLACKJACK guitarist Bruce Kulick and bassist Schuyler Deale, but the band bowed out of the limelight soon after its release and would not re-emerge until 1996 when the 'Tasty Seconds' album was released.

American Music' had been an attempt by the band to take on board some of the changes that were happening in Rock music at the time. Eventually though Marchello decided to break the band up and venture into production with artists such as FIONA (he produced and co-wrote on her 1985 debut on Atlantic). Peppi also assisted on the 'Destiny' album released through CBS Records in 1985 by his son Gene's band, appropriately named MARCHELLO.

In 1984 Kulick, brother of BALANCE and MEAT LOAF man Bob, replaced Mark St. John in KISS. Deale later joined BILLY SQUIER in 1986 after playing in the Power Metal trio Z-BOY with guitarist Joey Balin.

Drummer Joe Franco recorded with THE LADDER, Dutchmen HAMMERHEAD, MOUNTAIN guitarist LESLIE WEST and replaced A.J. Pero in TWISTED SISTER. He also toured as part of FIONA's backing band in 1987. Mickey Marchello eschewed his musical career after the break up of the band in 1981 and took to managing boxers.

The 'Tasty Seconds' album features Gene Marchello and his brother Stefan in the latest GOOD RATS line-up. Two GOOD RATS associates, guitarist Eddie Jelley and bassist Joe Cumia, took to the road in 2002 as a JOURNEY tribute band. Fronted by STEVE PERRY soundalike / lookalike HUGO their bandmates for this adventure included BAD MEDICINE's keyboard player Lance Millard and drummer John Cappadonna.

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