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Initially a Pop Rock band founded by guitarist Zack Smith, SCANDAL auditioned some 80 female vocalists before choosing New Yorker PATTY SMYTH, who was actually recommended to the Smith, fronting her own club band, SMYTH, at the time. The debut appeared in the form of a self-titled mini album, featuring the single 'Goodbye To You'. It sold around 365'000 copies, enabling the band to hit the road in America supporting the likes of GOLDEN EARRING.

The fact that SCANDAL's first release was merely just a mini-album was the result of label politics coming to the fore. A full blown album had been recorded, but the decision makers decided to trim the record down to a mere five songs, although one of the original album tracks, 'All My Life', appeared on the B-side of the 'Goodbye To You' single.

At the time the band returned to the studio, this time with Mike Chapman at the production helm, only guitarist Keith Mack and drummer Thommy Price were in the band now billed as SCANDAL Featuring Patty Smyth, although Price quit mid-way through recording. One of the album's cover tunes, 'Hands Tied' was a collaboration between Mike Chapman and ex-SPIDER keyboard player Holly Knight, the pair having tasted success together writing 'Love Is A Battlefield' for PAT BENATAR. Knight also gave SCANDAL the title track, 'The Warrior', co-penned with Canadian artist NICK GILDER.

'The Warrior', released as the first single in America, was a huge success, spending time in the Top 10. Other songs on the album included a rendition of JOURNEY's 'Only The Young'. SCANDAL toured on the back of the album as co-headliners with ex-THE BABYS frontman JOHN WAITE. The band's touring line-up comprised of Smyth, Mack, guitarist / keyboardist Rick DeFonzo, bassist Leigh Foxx, previously with the BENNY MARDONES band, and drummer Jimmy Wilcox. Post touring, Foxx teamed up with FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS.

SCANDAL fell apart once Patty Smyth opted to operate as a solo artist for her next album. Rumours abounded though that Smyth had been offered the lead vocal position in VAN HALEN! Seemingly, Smyth was offered the job by Eddie Van Halen (who had jammed with SCANDAL on a number of occasions) shortly after Roth exited but she declined due to being eight months pregnant at the time and fully commited to doing her solo album!

In 1992 Sony Special Products released a compilation CD of SCANDAL material, 'Scandalous', which also added the Patty Smyth solo track 'Never Enough' for good measure, possibly as a market tester to discover whether it would be worth the label's while to release both SCANDAL albums on Compact Disc. Guitarist Keith Mack was an integral part of the RCA signed CRIES in 1989, recording a Peter Coleman produced album. Drummer Thommy Price formed PRICE/SULTON with ex-UTOPIA bassist Kasim Sultan then found regular employ with JOAN JETT.

The band members were pulled back together for a 'Bands Reunited' television show for VH-1 in August 2004. SCANDAL surprised fans with a full blown comeback in early 2005, touring the USA that February. Keith Mack and Zach Smith returned on guitar, Benji King handled keyboards, Kasim Sultan stood in on bass whilst Thommy Price took time out from JOAN JETT's schedule to participate.

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