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SHAITHUS, A Death Metal band hailing from New York, was an early port of call for drummer Tim Yeung, a man who would go on to feature in a swathe of diverse high profile extreme Metal bands such as NEVERS END, ALL THAT REMAINS, AGIEL, DIABOLIC, DIVINE HERESY, VITAL REMAINS, HATE ETERNAL, DECREPIT BIRTH, COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN, AURORA BOREALIS, THE TENTH CIRCLE and WINDBREED. A five track demo was recorded at Watchmen Studios in Lockport during June 1998.

Both vocalist / guitarist R. Emmett Spence and bassist Wally Willson subsequently featured in (GOD-ROT). Spence also had association with LOOPUS and SOOPI whilst Willson's credentials added MOA, DISTORTED, MATRIKHORE and LOWKEY.

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