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North Carolina's Death Doomsters DAYLIGHT DIES is self-described as "Dark, desperate and melancholic". The band is rooted in a 1996 musical union between guitarist Barre Gamblings and drummer Jesse Haff, their first recordings in 1999 being dubbed 'The Long Forgotten' demo. Inducting singer Guthrie Iddings the following year the trio cut a second demo entitled 'Idle', released commercially through Tribunal Records. DAYLIGHT DIES would be boosted to quartet status with the introduction of bassist Egan O'Rourke. In 1998 Jesse Haff would also deputise for SORROW BEQUEST.

Signing to Relapse Records the group's debut full-length, 'No Reply' being mainly recorded at Sonic Wave Studios, arrived in October 2002. Following worldwide touring, which saw the band supporting KATATONIA across Europe and LACUNA COIL in Canada and the USA, vocalist Guthrie Iddings opted out. The band pulled in former WEHRWOLFE frontman Nathan Ellis in January of 2004. The following March Relapse Records put ouit a limited edition of 1000 live set entitled 'Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival'.

DAYLIGHT DIES, announcing the addition of guitarist Charlie Shackelford to the group's ranks, cut a 2005 album entitled 'Dismantling Devotion' at at Volume 11 Studios. The record was mixed by Jens Borden of Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. Former bassist Matthew Golombisky lent his talents on the cello. During October the band contracted the album to Candlelight Records. DAYLIGHT DIES supported MOONSPELL and KATATONIA for a North American tour commencing that same month. 'Dismantling Devotion' was delivered into stores in March 2006.

The band partnered with CANDLEMASS for touring in North America during early 2008. As a concert giveaway the group offered fans the chance to score an exclusive single, 'A Portrait In White'. Limited to 1000 copies this CD also featured demos of 'Lies That Bind' and 'I Wait' plus the promotional video for 'Lies That Bind'. The 'Lost To The Living' album set, mixed once again by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, emerged in June through Candlelight Records.

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