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ONCE DEAD is the re-named 2004 re-incarnation of notorious Christian Metal band VENGEANCE RISING. With former band leader, and renowned ex-Christian, Roger Martinez conspicuous by his absence the band, guitarists Larry Farkas and Doug Thieme, bass player Roger Dale Martin, also having DIE HAPPY connections, and drummer Glen Mancaruso announced an appearance at the 'Summer Madness' event on 29th August at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. A surprise guest vocalist would fill in for Martinez, Scott Waters of ULTIMATUM, was to rise to the challenge. This grouping of musicians, under threat of legal action from Roger Martinez, subsequently unveiled a new band title of ONCE DEAD.

The band filmed a DVD for public release from this first show and, with sustained interest, signed on to play the 'Cornerstone' event in 2005, the largest Christian music festival in North America. In January 2006 guitarist Glenn Rogers, another ex-VENGEANCE RISING member and veteran of DELIVERANCE, MONTH OF SUNDAYS and HIRAX, joined the fold.

Scott Waters took his leave in September, being quickly replaced by FASEDOWN man Devin Shaeffer. Together with DELIVERANCE, STRICKEN and DEMIZE the band teamed up for the 'March Metal Madness' Christian Metal US tour beginning in early March 2007. Angelo Espino, of HIRAX, DISSENTER and REVEREND, took over on bass. New man on drums was Jim Chaffin of FASEDOWN and THE CRUCIFIED.

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