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A true multi-racial Rock band the DAN REED NETWORK were never quite given the breaks they deserved, the music they played causing a certain degree of confusion within the record label. Taking elements of Funk, Hard Rock and Dance, DAN REED NETWORK was formed by frontman Dan Reed in Portland, Oregon and it's worth noting that keyboard player Blake Sakamoto could claim to be an original member of DEAR MR. PRESIDENT, the band formed by Portland native and ex-MOVIE STAR man Julian Raymond.

Portland born Reed was an adopted child who spent much of his early life living on a farm in South Dakota, admits to working in a Burger King restaurant in his teens and then sold his life to Rock n' Roll. Reed grew up with drummer Daniel Pred, the pair being pals since Seventh Grade after meeting in a South Dakota music store. They eventually relocating to Portland in order to put the DAN REED NETWORK together after playing in cover bands and playing a variety of material from other artists such as VAN HALEN and SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE.

Before being signed by Mercury, the band released a six track mini album entitled 'Breathless' that was even considered extremely elusive and highly collectable at the time the self-titled, major label album began to make an impression on the Rock buying public. At this stage keyboards were in the hands of erstwhile QUARTERFLASH man Rick DiGiarllonado. Blake Sakamoto would take the role in January of 1987.

The 'Dan Reed Network' album, produced by Bruce Fairbairn and engineered by Mike Fraser at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver, gave the record instant Rock credibility thanks to the former's involvement with BON JOVI. The record scored international acclaim, seemingly setting the band up for a high profile career.

DAN REED NETWORK offered the Nile Rodgers (CHIC) produced 'Slam' album in October 1989, a record that was certainly a heavier proposition than the debut album and one borne out of recording the material essentially as a live band before returning to overdub required parts.

Being managed by Peter Mensch and Cliff Burnstein's Q-Prime organisation, DAN REED NETWORK toured in Europe during December 1989 and January 1990 opening for BON JOVI. Announcing further British shows in the Summer, Reed surprised his rapidly growing following by shaving his head in a bizarre anti-Rock star statement!

Although containing some fine moments 1991's 'The Heat', failed to really live up to the legacy the band had created with the first two albums, despite the fact that Bruce Fairbairn and Reed co-produced. One track, 'Money' (a cover of the PINK FLOYD classic), was co-produced by Reed with Nile Rodgers. DAN REED NETWORK undertook high profile touring in Europe as guests to the ROLLING STONES.

A retrospective live package of material recorded between 1989 and 1993 was released towards the end of 1997 to coincide with the more widespread release of the previously mail order only 'Live At Last' video.

Reed himself made a low key return to action in 1998 with a New York based album project titled ADRENALINE SKY. The singer's much vaunted movie 'Zigzag' (previously going under the titles 'Mudslide' and 'Mud Therapy') would also see a release on DVD. Reed was also learned to be fronting a fresh act G13.

Both Blake Sakamoto and Dan Pred would found GENERATOR in 1996 with singer / songwriter ROB DAIKER. GENERATOR was rounded off by guitarist Garth Parker and bassist Caleb Spiegel. Daiker had previously issued his own self financed 'Extract' album in 1996.

As GENERATOR the act issued an eponymous 1998 album and recorded an intended 1999 follow up slated to be titled 'Fashion Brain' with see Dan Reed acting as producer and providing backing vocals. However, major label Epic Records picked the band up and suggested a name switch to SLOWRUSH. The 'Fashion Brain' recordings would be issued as the SLOWRUSH 'Volume' album in January 2000.

Internal ructions witnessed the abrupt departure of both Pred and Sakamoto immediately after the album release party. Pred's position was filled by Adrian Ost. The split was obviously less than amicable as a re-jigged official version of the SLOWRUSH biography neglects to even mention the pair.

Blake Sakamoto would not be short of work founding BLACK BARREL with erstwhile ANIMOTION guitarist Bill Wadhams as well as appearing on the live circuit with both 28 IF and the BRIAN CUTLER BAND.

DAN REED NETWORK guitarist Brion James has found himself a much in demand songwriter having contributed hit tracks to R&B artists such as TOTAL and EN VOGUE.

Melvin Brannon II would join fellow Funkmeister STEVIE SALAS for a European tour. In 2000 it was announced he had joined the legendary EDGAR WINTER GROUP and by the summer of 2001 Brion James, now sporting a huge afro, united with the band too.

Dan Reed now owns the Key Largo club in Portland, scene of many of DAN REED NETWORK's early gigs. The club, renamed by Reed 'Ohm', has hosted Reed's new band G13 to packed houses. G13 evolved latterly into ODYSSEY.

In early 2002 Melvin Brannon II teamed up with Hard Rockers the BULLETBOYS.

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